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Monday, November 21, 2005

letting it out...

note: this post was lying around in the "draft" section dtd 11-21-05 ... but i still feel the same way so.. here goes...

saturday, i was feeling a bit heavy.., "no not in the belly". . . i don't know - i was just not well enough to go out of the room i guessed! i didn't have a good sleep the night before - barely had any sleep at all..when i woke up that saturday morning, i just felt like crying, so i cried and i cried and i criedddddd... and i can't get no.. sa-tis-fac-tion.. yeah yeah yeah... oppsss... sounds like a song... he he he, you thought i would be a bit melodramatic eh!? . . but i did cry and it made me feel light(er)....having a cry once in a while relieves you of some tensions, pains, emotions built-up inside, and other not-so-good feelings that are just welling up inside... to me at least...otherwise - i would explode - ka-booommm!!!

then later that day (note i'm still not really feeling well) . . . yes, you are right mama! i baked some cupcakes - good therapy sometimes - nahh, i didn't eat all those 12 pieces - luckily those recipes are good for 12 cupcakes only or else, i would be "force to eat it all " !! :) . . aww, now come on, just trying to "justify" the eating galore that followed the baking!


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