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Desert Adventure

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Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Kita-kitz 2014

June 28th 2014....nagkita na naman kami ng mga amigas ko!  ang saya-saya ng pakiramdam - to see your loving friends after so many months  :D  we had a great time together kahit pa kulang sa oras ang kwentuhan .. tawanan, kainan ... hindi magtapos-tapos ang kwentuhan ... hopefully , we will see each other next year and hopefully too ang mabuo kaming lahat... ako, susan-liit, susan-laki, tess, julie at si baby...

here in the photo kami lang apat .. inggitin ba daw ang mga wala!  hehehe

thank you  amigas.. sa oras .. at sa food at pasalubongs na rin  :D   miss you na ....

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

at last ... i'm back!!! :D

i'm back at last but i can't seem to properly write things here .. hmm.. guess i have to 'review'again ...hehehe well - atleast i got in now! catch up laters .. aral-aral muna ng new requirements ..


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gold's Gym - now in the U.A.E. !!!

Gold's Gym U.A.E.
2nd Floor - Mixed Gym & 3rd Floor - Ladies' Gym

Business Village Building
(near Clock Tower) Dubai, UAE
Tel: (04) 451 4400
Fax: (04) 374 6783

Check out their Facebook Page: Gold's Gym UAE


overdue postings ... :D

i have lots of things to blog about - bits and pieces of what had happened to me the past few months, but i never was able to jot it down ... anyways - this week-end hopefully i would be able to 'update' my blogs - hehehe .. as if naman ahahahaha ....

but for now - time to sleep - have to get up early to catch the bus to work! yes mama mia - i got a job again! yippeeeee ..... more posts to come ....


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pink walkathon ... my third year

this is the third year that i was able to join the 'walk' and the first time for my cousin, marie and her friend josette. this year we made this walk for our ate lucy - a family friend who is more of a big sister to us. she is battling with the big 'C', sadly she came to know about it only recently and it is already on a latter stage...

ate lucy - we are praying for you ... be strong, we are with you in prayers - always.... we love you!


... magic !!!

my friend Adz, gave me (and another friend -Jaz) a black mug ... one of their giveaways for the coming 40th year celebration of UAE's National Day on Dec. 02, 2011. Jaz was kinda ...'bakit itim? wala ba iba kulay?' .. and Adz simply smiled at her and told her to wait till coffee time! puzzled - Jaz was like : ah ok .. i will wait for you! hehehehe (she didn't quite get it that time)...
the following morning - she cheerfully told me that it was 'cute' - "magic" daw :D

anyways, two more weeks and the UAE nationals and expats will again experience a grand celebration of the founding of the emirates. actually there has been a lot of happenings already, one of which is the Dubai Air Show that will end tomorrow, and the just concluded Formula 1 Race in Abu Dhabi.

Click here to view more of the coming events: http://en.uaenationalday.ae/spirit-union


after long years ..... together again ...

ang mga alaga ko .. after so many years, nagkasama-sama ulit even for a short time! nakakatuwang tingnan ang picture nila: si jomar, si marie, si amy - ang tatlong makukulit na mga alaga ko... growing up together sa bahay ni Lola Orang sa Basilio.

i remember i was still in college when jomar came to live with my auntie virgie & uncle jun .. wala pa sila kasing anak that time .. super kulit! then amy came to live with us - pamangkin ko sa pinsan - she was just 2 years old yata .. isa pa ring makulit .. then came marie ... the youngest of them three... ngayon pareho-pareho na silang de-pamilya: jomar got two kids a boy and a girl; si amy: two kids - both boys youngest is timothy - 6months old pa lang daw ,then si marie, a boy named migz naman ... isa pa ring super duper kulit na bata!!

also in this pic is riya youngest sister of marie and the boy is adam - eldest of amy. below pic naman kasama na si migz trying to carry timothy na tabaching-ching din!!

parang kahapon lang .. they were running around Lola's house :D ngayon their kids are the ones running around na! hayyzzzz .. time sure flies so fast!!!


Friday, July 15, 2011


i asked a friend on fb if i can borrow his pic and he said yes .... i simply did this because i just love the photo of the butterfly and flower !!

thanks Shantin Joy .....

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don't quit ....

feeling somewhat low - i was trying to find something to 'lift me up' and i came across an old poem sent to me by my friend...

i have this photo of the sunset taken in 2008 in the desert - and i thought of writing this on this .. well it came out pretty nice ... i love it! and i posted it on my wall and thought of posting it here too! wala lang ...

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Monday, July 11, 2011

... no matter ....

my FB friend wrote a very good piece on her wall and everytime it is very uplifting .. esp. for me. i wrote her and commented and thanked her for sharing her wonderful thought for the day and she replied and gave me a very touching response to what i wrote her.

this is what she wrote.. and I hope she wouldn't mind me sharing this here because it is really very touching - and just reading it this morning brought tears in my eyes..
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Don't stress your gentle heart out over 'down times' much, Aleth. We all have them. I do too. It will pass. Just hang in there be brave and anchor your hope and faith in God who knows all about your day. He has everything all figured out. Our role in the bigger scheme of things is to hold on to faith and walk alongside Him. Not easy sometimes I know.. (I struggle with that too sometimes.) but with Him by our side... we conquer and overcome. Believe and you shall have peace. In Christ.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

God bless her .....


Sunday, July 10, 2011

.... down the memory lane .. :D

thanks to FB - i found another friend on line! it's been what ...after hmm.. 21 years!!!! omg!!! that so long time ago... he sent me private message then i wrote him back .. then asked for my number (of course bigay naman ako) :D he called and there - kwentuhan/reminiscence of the old times .... just proving that we are that old?!?!?! ahahaha .. it is nice to talk to friends long lost ... a lot of catching up, about family, work, etc...

ahahaha he just sent me a message saying he is just now viewing my photos hehehe ...
oh well ... this would mean a lot of kantiyawans again next time ahahahaha....

ok friend - enjoy viewing my photos and hope to see more photos of you and your family!!!


butterscotch ...

my friend Ivy came by last night bringing me some yummy butterscotch from iloilo!! her sister arrived the other night with these goodies. it was only a week or two ago that i first tasted these cuties from "rgies delicacies - iloilo's pride", also from Ivy and she did say that she will ask her sister to bring more of these - thank you Ives ...!!! yummy - yummy - yummy.....

i also love the butterscotch from cebu that i tasted sometime ago from my sister SIL - Cora... i can't remember the name of the brand but it came in a box, individually wrapped in colored cellophanes .... hmmm ... i think i need to call Kat and ask her to send me some of these goodies hehehehe ..

:D good i remember to take pic of the yummies before i finished it all up .. was so engrossed in its yumminess that i almost finished them all :D