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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

visiting dubai - part 1

ali from australia (?) asked me to write up something about dubai - she's planning to visit in the (distant) future, and so does ms. francesca of france...

so what can i say about dubai? well - it's full of arabs! ha ha ha ... joke! dubai is one of the emirates of the UAE, the others being: Abu Dhabi (the capital), Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah.

kidding aside.. dubai is a "melting pot" of different cultures; name it and you will find them in dubai: i have met and made friends (and acquaintances) with different groups like the britons (of course!), americans, swedish, australians, irish, germans, lithuanians, french, italians, etc, etc,etc, and of course, the asians, indians (a lot), malaysians, singaporeans, thais, indonesians, nepalese, pakistanis, the middleast and gulf arabs ie, lebanese, palestinians, jordanians, egyptians, syrians, iraqis, iranians, qataris, omanis, kuwaitis, bahrainis - who have come either for work or have settled here for good.

climate is good - well, during non-summer months which is from late september to late march, temperature is really just fine for outdoor activities like overnight camping, desert safaris, wadi bashing, etc... early april would be a bit warm and good for swimming!!! summer months starts from late june to early september where temperature would run from 38 degrees to 45 degrees (or more!) during daytime... humidity is always at its best sometimes at 50-70% :) so if you are planning to visit dubai - do not come around these summer months!

you will feel like you are in an oven during these times - no wonder a lot of heatstroke cases are reported daily... yeah, yeah, yeah.. the airconditioning is there, but once you get out of a building goodness gracious! you would want to run back again!!! if you can just carry the A/C around with you, would do that!!! a simple fan won't help...

the people, i mean the local arabs or the emiratis as they are called, are nice people - warm and hospitable. ahh well, not all fingers are the same though! :( i think like everywhere, you will find some disgusting characters - here in dubai though, most of these kinds are the expatriates who are more arrogant than the locals!

shopping - galore!!! with the new malls and more establishments coming up - you should be armed with a loaded (cash-full) wallet or a "beautifully smiling credit cardS!" once you're done with your shopping - check if your credit card is still smiling . . . :)

and yes dearie ams, there is snow in dubai! at the new emirates mall where the Ski Dubai is located - artificial of course! check this site:
www.skidxb.com . my friends went there a few weeks back and by golly they said they couldn't get in - full packed! esp. on week-ends... tsk, tsk, tsk... i haven't been there myself yet - i really wanted to go there and enroll in some ski lessons.. but maybe later on.. when i find work again - i heard the fees are quite expensive...shhh

there are a lot of activities you can engage in while on visit... well if you're visiting for 15 days only i think you can see most of the UAE! there are lots of activities on offer, first on the list is the desert safari or sand dune riding, morning and evening schedules are there - i prefer the evening schedule which actually starts at 4:30pm pick-up and finishes by 10:30pm. it's not too hot and the desert is cool in the night. besides, watching the sunset in the desert is really very nice. the package includes the pick-up and drop-off, sand dune riding of course, welcome snacks, buffet dinner, drinks, belly dancer and camel ride. anybody visiting shouldn't miss this out... there are a lot of tour operators these days but i prefer (and recommend?) the NET Tours (www.nettoursdubai.com)... nah, i don't get discounts from them, just that i liked their service...i've taken my friends on their tours and they enjoyed it. well i've tried the others too, but maybe because i got used to their services that's why i prefer them.. the drivers are ever courteous....

the waters of dubai is good for swimming and other water sports. all public beaches are with well trained life guards on the round from morning till 7pm... different water sports are also available. waterparks are also there, wild wadi in dubai (www.wildwadi.com) and dreamland aqua park in Umm al quwain (www.dreamlanduae.com).

... to be continued...


Blogger HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

sige, antayin ko yung continuation...sa unang description mo pa lang, parang ang sarap punta dyan

7:43 PM  
Blogger Marie said...

sige aleth sasama ako ke cuz girlie

7:55 PM  
Blogger Francesca said...

at last, nag bigay din ng tips si Lola aleth. Ok, kelan kaya ako punta, check ko muna calendar, and bank status, heheh..Ty aleth, ok ka na for tourism agent of dubai!

11:20 AM  
Blogger ~ EDREGIN ~ said...

-thanks Aleth! I need these infos badly...gotta check part II ;)

9:27 PM  

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