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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You Harden There !!!

note: i received this from a forwarded mail ha...


There was this Pinay named Maria who was born and raised in Olongapo City. She met her husband, John while he was stationed at Subic Bay Naval Base. Maria doesn't have an excellent command of the English language, but she and John manage to communicate. One day, Maria decided to cook a big dinner for John, so she called John up at work and told him to come home straight from work. John and his co-workers had been working long hours trying to finish up a project their admiral had assigned weeks ago, so they were excited to finally finish it. They decided to go to the ship's chow hall to celebrate.When John came home around midnight, he realized he forgot about the dinner that Maria had made for him.

As Maria came out of the kitchen, John began to explain.
"Honey, I'm really sorry. The guys decided to celebrate a little bit, so we ended up eating at the ship."
"Ah, like that, ha? I cook the house for you, you eat the ship!"
"Honey, I'm really sorry," begged John.
"Ahh! Don't sorry to me! From now, you do your do, I do my do! You harden there!"

[ Tagalog translation: Ah, ganon ha? Pinagluto kita dito sa bahay, kumain ka naman sa barko! Mula ngayon, gawin mo ang gusto mong gawin, gagawin ko ang gusto kong gawin! MANIGAS KA DIYAN ! ]

This is Maria's story. If you didn't find it as funny, oh well...YOU HARDEN THERE! He he he


Blogger Marie said...

hahaha... i found that funny aleth,. take care and have a great week-end.

7:34 PM  
Blogger HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

haha, i didn't harden coz i found it funny...

good your back...nagkaproblem ba blog mo? it wasnt loading for sometime...

take care

9:28 AM  

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