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Friday, August 10, 2007

Finders, keepers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Finders, keepers is the doctrine that says when something is unowned or abandoned, whoever finds it can claim it (from an old Scottish saying "Finders keepers, losers weepers").

entonces, we can keep the doogie that we found!! yipee..... sana nga kaso lang, pets are not allowed in our building so, off the doogie t0 ras al khaimah (another emirate) - lucky yani...he can have the doogie to himself.... yani, by the way, is the eldest son of my friend... and loves dogs too... so i/we know - doogie will be better with him - a big house and a large garden... ok ok - we can be selfless for the sake of the doogie.

want to see him? i will try to attach his pics taken only this morning - his last day with us in dubai....

camera shy ....daw siya!

won't let go of the towelette!!

"tug of war" with my cell phone :)

his name? we don't know - coz nothing mentioned on the piece of paper we found tied to his collar. he has a collar but no tag.. so one of the girls started calling him "fudge" - coz he is brown-colored... another called him "husky" - why? don't know!..... and yani has something else in mind... hmmm - so i guess we have to wait and see if he will be better off with his new name and new place...


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