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Monday, September 24, 2007

workplace ko...

this is my work area... looks tidy ano? wait till you see what is on the right and left side . . . hehehe ...

usual stuff on my table? calculator, pin holder, sharpener (ang cheap ano!), siempre the pc, the keyboard, pens, pencils, cutter, pic of my princess, my cup of tea .. but then - i eaten my sandwich so it's no longer there, and my cookies, chocolates and nuts are stll in my drawer...

what about you - what are the usual stuff on your desk?



Blogger ~ EDREGIN ~ said...

...my workstation looks almost the same as yours ;) I guess ang wala dyan eh bulk of folders at A4 Size papers...I have got loads of it sa desk ko...Its fun to read your blogs! tc'

6:19 PM  
Blogger Francesca said...

talo yan sa office ko, lol
merong sabong panlaba, downy, anti stain, plantsahan, spray, etc etc, lol

biro lang. Di ako nag ooffice eh.

HEY, it looks organised.
Baket? lol

9:43 PM  
Blogger aleth said...

maayos ba? hehehe... early morning pa lang yan... wait till mag 10am na - di mo na alam kung ano itsura niyan! pero kwidaw ha -even if magulo yan - when they ask for some docs alam ko kung saan huhugutin... alam ko rin kung me nakialam sa table ko! kahit pa isang papel lang ang magalaw - yari sila!

(shh... di ko kinunan yung ilalom ng mesa ko hihihi... - kukunan ko para makita niyo!)

9:32 PM  

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