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Saturday, February 09, 2008

ang "mugs" bow !

saturday morning, i went to my cuz's place to return something i borrowed from her. and then she said she wanted to go out - "we'll" go to this and that... ehh??? i cant' say no to her - coz it's been quite a while since we went out.. so i said ok... (thinking that it would take few hours only).

what few hours? - i got home past 7pm !! hehehe... really went to this and that .. hahaha.. first stop... home r us - she needed to exchange some items she bought - but then it is a "sale season" so not allowed - she was asked to come back after the DSF instead - so that would be sometime last week of Feb... still we went around the shop.. i said to myself " i will just browse" but can't resist the sale prices !!! hahaha... but i managed to control my urge to shop - lucky my credit card is not in my wallet..BUT STILL i bought few items... nothing much - i just fancied them... wanna see...

i saw these cute mugs.... i just fancied buying them... cuz asked me why i am buying two (thinking that i might give one to a colleague - but i told her that i'll use the one with "coffee" when i am drinking coffee; and the the one with "tea" when i am drinking tea :) -- hehehe she just rolled her eyes and kept quiet...

and these cushion covers.. they have so many designs but i am looking for something in particular - something.. but i can't pinpoint what... so i settled with these plain satin with plain colored embroderies... they are nice .. basta!

then i was going through the kitchen items and was eyeing a simple bread toaster - she saw me and asked me why i am buying a toaster. i told her mine was already worn out - still working though - but i think i ought to give it a "rest" na ... it has served its purpose - just imagine since 1992 till now - but still in tiptop condition! galing kong mag-alaga ano!???

then she said - no don't buy - i'll give you one.. ehh?? why, you have two? she said yes.. so before we went to our friends place, we went back to her apartment which is just a few blocks away from the showroom and picked up the toaster that she said she would give me.. and this is it...

kenwood brand - and it looks like it's still unused!?!?!? so i asked her " are you sure you want to give this away? - she said yes... me: did you ever use this? her: once ot twice i think... well then ... i grabbed a plastic bag and into it the toaster went.. hehehe.. baka magbago isip - bawiin...

yipee i saved some "filos" ... i'll add that savings to my budget for the kitchen aid... :)



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