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Saturday, February 09, 2008

the burj dubai at dusk

after the buying spree (of my cuz not me) from home r us, we went to have a quick lunch at the SFC - Southern Fried Chicken, just on the next block and off to Aweer to our friend's bike shop - no silly, not his - that is where he works - he manages that bike shop.

Anyways, we went there to have a small hand massage for cuz - she hurt her thumb during a volleyball game like 3 weeks ago... and our friend knows how to - he did study that thing.. so massage - massage...stories (kwento) and more massage.. after that - my cuz still in her spending mood.. went around browsing through some of the items.. first she got that sort of handle cover for her bike... ok fine - not expensive minus discount.. ok.

aba, she saw the biking shoes, checked the sizes and uhummm.. asked for her size, fitted them, asked me if they looked good - i readily said yes (guess i was afraid that very minute to say no - she might leave me behind and honestly i do not know how to get back to my place!). in fairness, it really looked good on her - so she had the steel something-like fixed on the shoes... that is after 50% discount - 125 only, good buy ( i forgot to take pic of that pair) ... and before she could buy something else i asked her if we can leave na, coz the DM Club will be closing by 6pm... and our friends are still waiting for us...

so we left... on the way to ghusais where the DM club is located (and where our friends are working) we can see the burj dubai... and it is a bit dusky now with the sky turning orangy.. nice scene.. and this is all i can show you - a pic taken from inside the car, in motion...i'm not good in taking photos... but then...

the burj dubai - towering the skyline of sheikh zayed ... taken from a road in aweer. as of 5th feb 2008, it has reached 159 floors; current height 604.9m. expected to be completed by late 2008. see http://www.burjdubai.com/

Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) is predicted to be the tallest man-made structure in the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burj_Dubai



Blogger weirdweasel said...

ang ganda ng litrato!!! since it is moving hence a slight blurred but a perfct moment captured!!

9:37 AM  
Blogger aleth said...

hi weirdweasel... thanks for visiting.. i have but a small cam but then thank you!!..

8:56 PM  

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