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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

“somewhere over the rainbow”

my friend “nemo” (ayan na extra na kita sa entry ko ha!) sent me via e-mail, few days ago, the song “somewhere over the rainbow” by israel kamakawiwo’ole – when i was chatting with him and was kinda feeling low (?!?!) .. and he kept on asking me if i already have listened to it - and i would say “no - not yet”. He would insist that i listen to it na .... as in now na daw!!! aber!

me being “so pretty” was thinking of the tune that i knew then, hehehe and .. I was in the office this morning when i turned on my pc and clicked on the music and played that song..... buti na lang i had my earphones on! aba.. i was wondering why i still cannot hear the beat in that music that would make it known to me.... hmm maybe this one is another song with the same title lang?... sige listen pa... hmmm then the guy started singing the lyrics...

know what happened???? I wanted to take off my office attire and shoes and don my little grass skirts instead, with the matching leis !!! aba... it’s in a different beat – bit touch of hawaiian thing to it... instead of me mag-emote eh – natawa tuloy ako...hehehe parang gusto kong maghula-hula there and then.

In the little nook of my mind – i was like making a “choreography” – sequence of steps... kulang na lang talagang tumayo ako at kumendeng-kendeng dun ... siempre pa, iba na rin ang moves, graduate na sa pearly shells and tiny bubbles.. hahahaha

I have that impish smile on my face that morning till my boss came - that was something like 11:47am. amused maybe with that “sylvester-type-of grin” on my face, – he asked me why i looked so happy today... of course i can’t tell him that i am in the “hula-hula mood” noh!... so i just smiled more widely and just said: “because they are starting to demolish the other unit!” ---- duhhh?? and he said “ohh...well that’s good enough but not convincing enough ... in my office” . . . hehehe.. i guess my boss knows me a lot better than i thought!

Now.. how can i attach this music file on this page so i can share it with you guys and you can dance the hula too!.. good belly and hip exercise too :)
i'll attach it na lang later pag dating ng flatmate ko - papaturo pa ako eh! :)



Blogger NILO BUZON said...

well i'm glad that you've love it and made you dance and happy, its really ment to make you love and happy so everytime you feel down listen to him and for sure it will make you think of me. hehehe. thanks for being part of your life.


9:26 PM  

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