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Saturday, July 04, 2009

soul searching (?)

a friend of mine came up one day and said: " i will be away for awhile - needs to do some soul-searching".... huh? si friendship ko mag soul-searching daw!?!?!?! hmm.. teka, ano na naman pakulo nito? sige makisakay muna... :D (ang maldita ko talaga ano? )

ako: why, what happened?
siya: i just need some time alone...need some thinking, i feel lost.
ako: (hmm lost daw?.. lost-mind maniwala pa ako!) pero siempre "good friend" ako (di ba?) asked ko: what do you intend to do? where to intend to go for your soul-searching?

take note si friendship seemed somewhat serious ha..kaya medyo i wanted to believe na my friendship is really in a state of "loss".

ako: talk to me.. what happened?
siya: nothing happened...i just wanted to be alone!
ako: (naku - baka something happened nga at magpakamatay ito - konsensiya ko pa!)
ako: (kulit ulit) .. we're friends di ba, i told you when you needed someone to talk to - i am just here.. ready to listen....
siya: basta.. i just wanted to be alone!
ako: eh what do you intend to do nga? where do you want to go?

siya: i feel like going home.... sa pinas.
ako: if you like i can check with my cousin and make arrangements at the convent in Laguna.. ok lang naman kina sister supe yun eh! you will be most welcome there.
siya: ano? sa kumbento? ano ka sira? yoko dun!
ako: huh? soul-searching ika mo? where else can you find a serene place kundi dun! maganda doon.. very quiet and the sisters will not bother you - they'll pray for you pa 24/7! ayaw mo ba nun? they can help you find your path, if ever...
siya: ayoko. ayoko dun! gusto ko sa ano - sa baguio kaya...
ako: ah okey din dun... malamig pa.. i can arrange din if you want me to...
siya: ano ka ba? okey lang - ako na lang...

ako: (maybe my friendship is just "pulling my leg" ika nga).. o siya bahala ka... basta if ever na matuloy ka - give me a call and let me know where you are so i can give you some numbers to call if you needed some "help" sa soul-searching mo.
siya: okey - thanks...

ako: eh - maitanong ko lang, what would you do if ever naman na matagpuan mo na soul mo?
siya: ewan ko.. siguro - i'm gonna say "hi".. where have you been?

ako: (note seryoso pa rin si friendship!) anong "hi" ka dyan??
siya: eh hindi ko pa nga rin alam kung ano magiging reaction ko if ever eh!

ako: tadyakan ko kaya si friendship?!?! pero mukhang seryoso naman , so hinayaan ko na lang. baka naman totoong "lost soul" nga siya... baka nga need niya talagang magsolo for the meantime. my friendship has been through a lot na rin the past years - she's a bit "self-less" you know. siguro itong "soul-searching" niya is the time that she wanted for her self.

watching my friend sitting quietly on the sofa, i wish i could help her go through this - whatever she's going through. she really seemed troubled of sort, pero she wouldn't talk to me about whatever is bugging /troubling her... she was even laughing and goofing around, but i sensed that it was a just a facade to hide the real emotions she is feeling within. i saw the sadness in her eyes - her eyes that used to glow even with the corniest of joke - and when she looked at me, i felt as though she was reaching out.

siguro my fault - kasi whenever she would come and tell me something - i most often than not - would only tease her - na para bang wala siyang karapatan to feel sad or bothered ba. i would often say: "hmm ikaw pa!" and she would then just laugh it off, so i really didn't know what was in her mind those times she came to me.

I think now i would really be a friend to her...to be just there for her...

to my friend, always remember i am here for you - will always be here for you.



Blogger yuffie said...

anong ending? anong nagyari sa soul searching friendly friend mu??? *curious*

may isang bata kasi ditong nagbabalak din gawin yun.
siya'y kasalukuyan ding nagugulumihanan.


God bless.

5:32 PM  
Blogger aleth said...

hi yuffie.. thanks for passing by and reading my post.. si friendship ko .. still in the state of "lost" ika nga.. all i can for my friend now is pray - pray that she may have the strength to carry on and malampasan whatever she is going through.. till now hindi pa rin niya sinasabi what her problem is really - but this time around - whenever she calls i always lend her my shoulder to cry on to ... good listener ako.. but i guess my friend is not yet ready to tell me.. i will just be here for my friend... please do pray for my friend as well..

thanks again .. God bless you too and peace be with you!

6:25 PM  
Blogger yuffie said...

wow! bilis ng reply.

i have a friend this kasi na same as yours.

i really don't know what to do to help her.. aside from listening.

ang dami kong gustong sabihin kaso.. sya na rin may sabi na.. di rin naman sya sure if kaya nyang tanggapin yung mga sasabihin ko.. hehe.

labo noh.

its my pleasure to help by means of prayer sana nga your friend and my friend would soon find their "lost soul".. as in ASAP na. hehe.

God bless.

7:14 PM  

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