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Desert Adventure

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Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kalapati, puno, bus at ang roundabout ....

september 14, 2009:

on my way to work i chanced upon these pigeons (again) ... actually i've been eyeing them for sometime now... there were plenty of them in the early hours of the day... and it was/is a nice sight to see them feeding on the seeds that the guy scattered and the bird bath - hehehe... blue plastic basin (palanggana), everyday changed by the guy. there is also another guy who throws them feeds - the guy from the iranian bread shop.

i took out my cam and just took a shot.. before they would fly away ..

i was slowly getting closer to them for a close-up pic...when suddenly this "killjoy" man - shooed them away and walked away laughing!!..

grrr - i wanted to run after him and wring his neck! there's nothing fancy, but hey!.. i just wanted to take a photo of these birdies no!.. hmp!

anyways... on to my walking ... and there i saw "my tree " hehehe .. inangkin ba daw!.... i call it "my tree" becoz it is under these tree that i find refuge in the summer heat! nakss.. hehehe.. what i cannot understand is why do the municipality people have to trim down these trees during summer? aber? kalbo na - wala nang lilim!!! here in this photo "my tree" has grown back its branches .. giving refreshing shades to the pedestrians waiting to cross, me included :D

while waiting to cross and standing under "my tree", this big bus passed by, one of the newest addition to the fleet of RTA.. "kambal" (twin bus) as my friend's kid would call it.. it's like a 2-bus connected.

and the last photo is that of the Satwa R/A, one of the remaining roundabouts in Dubai... better to take a snap of it before they break it down. Before Dubai has many different roundabouts - there is or should I say was the Falcon R/A in Bur Dubai, the Fish R/A in Deira, the Defense R/A, Shk. Zayed and the still standing Clock Tower in Deira and Trade Centre R/A in Satwa/Shk. Zayed Road, to name a few.

hmm.. good idea.. i should make a compilation of the demolished r/a's - there must be a record of it and then take photos of the remaining and still standing r/a's... good.. good.. hehehe.. the weather is getting a bit cool - so it would be nice to walk around and check out the remaining r/a's... hmmm..... a lot goodah if "someone" is there to walk with ..... :D



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