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Thursday, October 15, 2009

"HAKBANG BUHAY" (Walk for Life)

October 09, 2009
Safa Park, Dubai , U.A.E.

Dubai Charity Walk for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy

The PBC (Phil. Business Council), in cooperation with other Filipino Organisations,
the Filipino community and the Phil. Consulate, organised a Charity Walk event.
We attended this event and was very surprised (and happy) coz the turn-out was indeed very large! It was mentioned in the notice that circulated, that the "walk" will begin at 8:00am, but it seemed that they started early :D .. 6:00 am.. so we in turn joined in instead with the Fitness First's coined " burn a calorie for ondoy victims" ....... photos as below ...

my colleague was just telling that she saw on TFC that they featured this event, last night daw ... and she was looking for me in those shots of the people taking part in the exercise .. hehehehe ... nahirapan siya coz there were a lot .. and everybody enjoyed that morning!!



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