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Monday, October 19, 2009

the leaning bottle ...

my youngest sister gave me this bottle - nothing fancy, just that, as she said, i will have a nicely measured drink of iced-tea next time with this bottle. the measurements of the powder and the water is on it - so it would be that simple. OK.... so i've been using this bottle since, to make my nice iced-tea... that I even brought it with me when i return to Dubai!

brought it with me to the office to use as a water bottle only... and i used to mix up cold with hot water from the dispenser. but on that "fateful" morning :D - guessed my mind was really somewhere else ..... unknowingly i filled it up with the hot water first - then the cold water.... and went back to my desk ... not until Edam - my colleague asked me..."ate what happened to your bottle?" (with the matching british twang.. hehehehe)

only then did i notice that it was leaning to my right (if the bottle faces me) .... hmm.. hehehehehehehe... i even asked Edam what happened!?!?!?! super pretty me ...

so now here it is ... the leaning bottle of nestea .. . wala lang ..... :D
(walang magawa sa opis - me feeling sleepy zzzzzzzzzzzzz...ssshhhhh)



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