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Sunday, October 04, 2009

oats for breakfast :D

(Jungle Oats)

i don't take breakfast early in the morning, except for a glass of juice and cup of coffee. I usually eat something around 10am... my tummy would be wide awake by that time! before, we used to order from moulin d'or bakery: a manakish mix of cheese & chicken, or cheese & egg, or cheese & salami... or whatever we fancy eating that morning. sometimes we will order "egg parata" instead - no chilli for me please! :D

one day, a colleague gave us a packet of this oats and asked us to try it, which we did of course (libre eh!...hehehe). and by goolay - we got hooked on it!!! for some time now, i have been enjoying this morning breakfast of oats, which comes in different flavors. more healthy (as he says) and we agree....

now seems the whole office is into this breakfast oats.... try it next time .. you might like it too! :D



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