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Monday, October 26, 2009

parang kailan lang ...

the following photos are of my cousins dear... seems like only yesterday i was looking at them in the the nursery of the hospital.. ngayon super laki pa sa akin!

how time flies... both are graduates .. the eldest anna is now in Al Ain, UAE, working as a nurse in the gov't clinic....and the youngest, yay (as we have grown to call her) is working with a network back home... these fotos were both taken at the Dubai Festival Centre...on different dates :D

Anna... september 22, 2009 on her first visit to dubai. she arrived with her batch on aug. 18, but they were in abu dhabi for their briefings and stayed there for 2 weeks i think. after that they were taken to their accomodation in al ain. Eid holidays she came to dubai and it was our first meeting in the UAE .. :D

on the way out after the malling... nah.. she's not the shopping type .. hehehehe

yay... december 8, 2008

this was taken last year pa... when yay came for a visit.

here, we just arrived at the mall....kaya no "bitbits" pa.."D

i just noticed .. now lang .. both were during the eid holidays pala! hehehe...

ganun kabilis ang panahon??? hehehehehe ....



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