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Sunday, November 29, 2009

kris kringle: day 2

26 november 2009

day 2 of our kringle :D .... unfortunately i was not there to enjoy the gift-giving .. i was still sick that day. but i heard from the guys that all went well and everybody had fun especially the new guys who joined in - 3 more from the hospitality division.

however i think the the new guys did not get the "right" message about the gifts - so we have to put down "some rules" hehehe .. ano ba yan .. kris kringle na nga lang me rules pa hahahah!!!

i was not able to give "my baby" his gift that day (me sick remember?!), but i did call a colleague to do some funny thing .. anyways the theme was "something funny".. so i remembered there was a sample mirror piece and i asked him to wrapped that up and put his name on it... and if he would ask - what's funny about it .. i told my colleague to pull "my baby's" face in front of the mirror and take picture ... hehehehehe .. that's the funny thing ... his face hahahaha!!!

anyways... they had fun (minus me!).. below are pics they took ..

kris kringle: day 2 / theme: "something funny"



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