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Desert Adventure

. . . stories of adventures (and mis-adventures) in the land of the deserts . . .

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend ...

Monday, December 28, 2009

24th December 2009

the big day .. ika nga.. hehehe all the gifts were there .. as per wishlist... everybody was into a guessing game as to who picked their names .. who their secret santa was ... but I knew.. hehehe.. siempre - ako pa!!!

first off... ako pa rin .. next foto with jules ...

with gratzie, jules and ives ... next foto: silang tatlo lang

the quad with some of the hospitality guys

the collage ..... dami pics eh ... here, one is shown handing their gifts to their "monito/monita"...
masaya naman kahit na ganun lang... katuwaan .. we decided earlier that week na instead of ordering lunch - lunch out na lang kami... sa mall or wherever para maiba naman atmosphere.

sabi nga iba - "naku baka mahal yun kasi me ambiance"! hahaha that day after the exchage of gifts we headed to DFC - Dubai Festival City at sa suggestion ni boss Charu - sa "On the Border" kami napadpad.. mexican type lunch (at 2:30 in the afternoon?!?!)
dikit-dikitin ang mga table - bale 3 tables seated 10 persons, at nagkanya-kanyang orderan na. buti na lang gratz agreed na hati na lang kami sa isang order kasi madami ang isang serving nila.. ndi ko kaya .. you can see me big but i eat little lang .. nyahahahahaha ... daw!! eh si gratzie ganun din ...
anyways ayun - dumating ang order at lumafang na kami.. tym out - kasi lafangan na nga di ba? photos next .. hehehe dami istorya habang kumakain .. hehehe



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