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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Masquerade Ball '09

the invitation for the Fitness First Corporate Party....

i can't wait to see their masquerade masks!!! hehehehe

we, the Quad Group, simply bought simple mask... (gee the masquerade masks are pretty expensive!) ... and made our own designs ... simple and yet cute .. :D

we will be fixing some of the others' masks this afternoon .. add a little of this and that ..
but mine is done .. hehehe... so is my boss's and another manager's.. they wanted only a plain black .. so be it....

the girls are pretty excited - career-rin ba daw ang masks nila at dress! kami.. ndi siguro ... as mentioned - " smart-casual" - pagdibatihan ba daw if jeans is considered smart casual!!!! hahaha ... then issue ng note si CEO - no jeans daw! ayy hahaha.. kami ng boss ko nagkatinginan - we are the "jeans person" ika nga... sabi ko hala if they would not let me in - ndi ko ibibigay gift ko sa monito ko! .. and guess who.. hahahah .. yung CEO lang naman nila!!!

so .. abangan ang kasunod na kabanata .... oppps need to buy something pa pala for my monito!


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