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Saturday, January 30, 2010

a reunion of sort ...

29th january 2010 - nathan, the 3rd child of tess & henry vinas, celebrated his first birthday. as always, mom & dad never forget to invite us all, friends and colleagues from the old company, healthlines middle east and sportslines. the event became a sort-of-reunion for us all. we have not seen each other for quite some time - and i for one - haven't seen them for almost a year - i think! :o. jeff remarked that we only get the chance to see each other on baptism and birthdays of the kids! and i think this coming years, only birthdays will be there ! hahahaha.. well that is good - happy occasions --- di ba?!

souvenirs from the b-day boy!

a treasure box of goodies .. : we adults finished the chocos! hehehe

we got so engrossed on catching up with each other we almost forgot to take photos! hahahaha... i had a great time last friday evening - it was quite short but still... and i'm glad i was able to attend though i thought i would be canceling b'coz i suddenly felt dizzy again as i was on my way out. we had fun reminiscing the old days at HME & Sportslines, and they made fun of each other - teasing each other, and laughed about just everything in the past! and again , they made benilda (beng) guilty of sort - becoz of the aborted "planned reunion" that was supposed to take place some months ago..( hmm.. hindi ko yata nabalitaan yun?!?!)

and before we knew it kami na lang yata ang natitirang tao sa venue! it was quite late na - kids still have school the following day so nag-alisan na ang mga bisita after eatig ... hehhe .. "eat and run" ba daw !!! but we (again) promised to see each other soon .. i mean soon daw talaga .. while the weather is still cool... sa creek park daw next week-end .. whenever that "next week-end is!" hehehe
however, we were able to take some snaps ....

1st table: beng, ellisa mae, tess, joyce
2nd table: bong, eugene, jeff, eric, eonil, beng, ellisa mae, tess, joyce, tan-tan

hope we could all agree on a date for the next get-together :D



Blogger Francesca said...

HEEEY aleth, grabeh pala sa saya ang december mo, even in dubai ka na walang christianity like in Phils.

So musta na dyan and ty sa pa visit sa facebook ko na hindi ko na napopost pa ng bago.
siya, bisous bisous na lang, lol

1:17 AM  

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