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Thursday, February 25, 2010

a bee on my donut!!

earlier this month, as i was just coming in the office, my colleague - jules, immedaitely told me that there are some donuts on the table and pointed them to me... :D that's how we love each other here .... food comforts...
hmm.. donut for breakfast? why not - di naman daw masyadong matamis eh! i-justify ba daw ahahah .. o siya siya... i made my usual morning tea... grab a donut - hey - new donut shop ha .. well lemme eyes if trulily na ndi matamis..
went back to my little corner .. and tasted this new-found donut....... bite.. munch ..munch ... ohlalahhh... sarap nga!!! sige .. bite pa and munch... munch ulit ... ubos na! hehehehe...
kaso lang .. malayo sa amin ang new donut shop na ito .. pero kinodakan ko naman siya .. eto o...

sino kaya ang mabait na mapakisuyuan punta sa bur dubai, pabili ako ng donut?? :D



Blogger Francesca said...

katakam takam, sus, penge, send mo via email, hehehe

12:54 PM  

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