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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sentimiento ;(

i'm not feeling well lately - don't know why ... lahat na lang yata pagdiskitahan ko..
i was browsing through my files sa computer ko sa office and i went through these photos saved in my documents file .. was trying to clear my unit (kuno!) and i noticed that in our group ako lang pala ang walang cake na ganito.... sad.... sad....sad... :(
this was the cake i ordered for our director and construction manager - a big one bcoz that time madami pa kami sa company/office .. hehehe.. simple lang naman ..

and the following photos are the cakes for the group, designs made by jeh, chris and ian ... for "them" - their favorites... (waahhh.. i'm not their favorite???)

for: sherilla, eric, julie
for: jeh and chris
for: gratzie and romeo

ang daya nila ... hmp! .....
(ahahaha... pati cake daw pagdiskitahan! ... hayzz.... )
ps: not included here are the pics of the cakes "he/they" made for the others .. is it favoritism ba or discrimination na ???



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