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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JAYWALKING ...in Dubai

"The strict approach to jaywalking is an effort to prevent pedestrian injuries and deaths which is a growing problem in the city. Traffic patrols will continue their campaign against jaywalking and will continue their presence in Dubai’s outer and inner roads at all times". - Brig Mohammed Saif al Zafeen, Director of the General Traffic Department.
(Rasha Abu Baker - The National, May 19, 2010)

Traffic police in Dubai have caught more than 20 jaywalkers this afternoon in Satwa/Al Mankhool Road and fines of AED.200.00 (approx.US$55/=)were handed out to jaywalkers.

I got a call from a friend, whom I was expecting to pass by our office to collect some documents - and he said he was caught by the police (in civilian clothes) - I asked him .. caught?.. where? why?? then he said: Jaywalking! I thought at first he was just joking and that he just doesn't want to come up... and he asked me to come down, meet him opposite the building - BUT to cross at the zebra lane!!

So then I went down and saw that there was some group of people behind the waiting shed - next to the white SUV.. I went near there, looking for my friend - called him on his cell and I was like - "all grins" when I saw him ... bad me! hehehe ... only then did I really believed him.. hehehe (peace man!! cool ka lang!!)

He was so pissed off, so were the others - still i saw some people crossing the road but were not caught! lucky them.. There was only one guy out on the street holding out his ID and one writing off the fine receipts. Identifications were asked: labor card, driving license, atbp. I was told told that if you do not have your labor card with you - direct you go inside the vehicle (hmm that's why I saw 2-3 already inside!). My friend's labor card was taken and was told that he can collect them at the RTA office in Barsha after paying the fine of AED.200/=. Hope he could get it back tomorrow agad.

Few minutes more he pointed out 2 people newly caught, sa may ilalim ng puno sa island and I was just so surprised! ahahaha .. si tatang at si tito! (amo ko at amo sa kabilang tanggapan!!) nahuli din .. hehehe .. napangiti na lang amo ko - wala pa naman itong labor card at under process pa, huh! Sabi ni amo .. "it was just so hot to walk more!" (sobra naman kasi na ang init kanina ano! ) 3:30 pm pa naman yun - ako nga pinagpawisan din ng husto eh.. :(

hayzz... talaga!!! tapos pala while waiting for his receipt - my friend handed me a box of goodies from the bakery nearby.. i felt guilty - kasi i was thinking he got caught crossing the street to get me these goodies.. otherwise he could have just got off the taxi and straight to our building.. :( ...can't seem to start "devouring" these beauties....

sent him a msg .. me feeling so.. but then he said .. hindi naman daw yun .. so.. now i can "attack" na these beauties/goodies!!! (teehee.. already attacked na!... yummy !!!) salamat friend! (kahit na me pahabol ka na pakonsensiya.. hmp!) hehehe...



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