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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

saturday call ?!?!

i was awaken by a call early saturday morning .. not expecting it (at that hour !?!?!) .. but then.. :D.. hehehe.. it really made me feel happy, good, elated, thrilled... ok, ok.. that's a bit exag. na ...

that was "the" call from my "friend" - long-lost (as in lost talaga ahahaha !!)... have been bugging another friend to look for him - o di ba - para naman daw maliit ang CA para maghanap itong isa! pero mabait so naghanap siguro ... informed me na natagpuan na niya nga etc.. etc.. at hiningi nga daw contact no. ko! so bigay naman ako .. days have passed - no call - so entonces - di na me nag expect pa. oh di ba? ganun lang naman ako ..... hehehe

so ayun - tumawag naman nga - kumustahan .. imagine, after what ...25-26 years? the usual tanong: familia - trabaho. tawag na lang daw siya ulit .. 20+mins. din - ganun lang .. tuwa lang ako - sabi naman sa inyo - mababaw lang ako eh!

that day naman din - i planned to make some muffins - haven't tried muffins so that was my first time. i always make cupcakes kasi. i used the basic muffin recipe i saw on "kusina ni manang". i have choco sprinkles only so i added some and sprinkled some on top of the batter and this was how it came. the second batch we added mocca flavor and a bit of cocoa, but i used the smaller cups - i don't know why it didn't "domed" ????

after baking .. and cooling... i had my friends taste it - sapilitan bah! they said it was good so i will be baking some more over the week-end! brought few to our office for breakfast - ok naman daw - kaso bitin! hehehe

recipe used here:



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