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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nicole's 4th birthday

i attended nicole's birthday party ( yeah i know - kid's party :D) at the burger king at the jumeirah beach center yesterday. had some fun - coz adults were asked to play some games and well - yap - i did play the game! hehehe .. now i'm nursing a bruised knee - don't ask!!! ahahahaha .. it was good - kids had fun so did the adults!!!

the birthday girl!

after the party, my friend (her mom) invited us to grab something - somewhere else! :D and off we went to golden fork restaurant - she ordered a platter of seafoods...

we had a good time - kami-kami lang - chika-chika, tawanan.... she wanted to order more but we stopped her - my!! - we are still kinda full from the burgers!! heheheh


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