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Desert Adventure

. . . stories of adventures (and mis-adventures) in the land of the deserts . . .

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

one thursday ...

i told my cuz - to come to our office instead of me going home pa, last thursday, so after work we went to DCC (Deira City Center) we took the bus - we're not in a hurry anyways. it was even hazy that afternon due to the sandstorm.

we reached the mall (DCC) - was just simply "malling around" then she remembered that she has to check some backpacks for the kidos, so we headed to the sports store - the kidos (her niece and nephew) have a brand requested so we have to just look out for that brand, otherwise if you buy other brand surely they will not use it! - nothing very expensive naman - "nike" lang daw ... well ok... there is the DSS (summer sale!) so we can check on those if included in the sale!

good thing they have it on sale!!! hehehe .. i hope the kidos will like the backpacks .. we bought 4 pcs.. after that - i was feeling a bit hungry na - so i told my cuz we grab something first - my tummy is becoming quite "noisy" na with all those grumblings inside hehehe (nagwawala na anaconda ko!)

we headed for the foodcourt hmm.. actually - we are not that hungry - hungry .. but we ordered pizza anyways :D, and 9 pcs. chicken wings .. hehehe ... we tried that new pizza hut "crown crust with meatballs and cream cheese" - Super Supreme. after ordering we were given this thing - don't know what exactly they call it -but it's like a buzzer when your order is ready... no need to stand there and wait. you can wait at your table instead :D

when the order is ready it will light up and ring like a cell phone ringing... so you will go and collect na your order.... before ours rang - there was this girl - arabic speaking, her pad was ringing and she was like answering it: " hallo? hallo? " the guy sitting next to her (arabic speaking as well told her to go to the counter instead - and it's not a phone.

so our order came .. and the lights went on and before i could klik my cam.. hehehe.. the lights went off... my cuz was laughing at me .. sabi ko: "bakit ba? walang pakialamanan!" till i was able to get a pic of it - with the lights on .. (hayzzz.. kababaw talaga! ahahahah)

eto na yung order namin ...

my cuzin ...

after that .. "attack na!! hehehehe... nice thursday evening .. wala lang ... kwentuhan ng konti tapos ikot-ikot ulit .. tingin nito, tingin noon.. till we noticed na .. uyy gabi na pala - time to head home ... actually early pa rin yun - it was only past 10 ... we still could have seen a movie sana ano! hmmm .. neks tym ...



Blogger holyhakak said...

sana makapunta din ako sa UAE =)

5:27 PM  

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