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Thursday, June 17, 2010

testing 1..2..3..

my friends are traveling to egypt... sadly without me! :( and one of them was bullied (hehehe) into buying a new camera DLSR - a Nikon D90.. hehehehe.. she got it thursday evening after office, they went to the mall and purchased it. saturday she went to the office (we don't work on saturdays) but she wanted to try her cam and also to get some last minute tips from a colleague - who unfortunately didn't show up!! luckily, mr. giant was there, so she so got few tips.

and click she did that morning, here and there, whoever and whatever is in sight ... and yours truly just happened to be just so all around the office that morning too! :D click here, click that - okey ..goodah .. needs to adjust this and that .. should be.. must be .. don't do this.. don't do that .. ok..ok.. my friend hoping that she could absorb all... and here are some of the practice shots she has taken:

my muffin... i love this pic - for once my muffin looked soo good in pic! :D

me.. so all around :D ...

monkeying around with Ives ... England /Spain??

i know, she knows .. we know - she still has a lot to learn - but as we have read in the different sites offering tips - just keep practicing - click, click, click .. it's digital anyways!

i think i will be giving her assignments ... what/where to start ?? hmmm landscape???



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