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Friday, February 25, 2011

food sampling committee (daw)?! :D

22 feb. 2011
after the interview in karama area, where we waited for some time (actually super tagal kaming naghintay!) i went back to my old office in al hana with my colleague - kyut and hanged-out for the rest of the afternoon; accompanied my friend to the bank to clarify something concerning her account, already there i inquired also about closing my account with that bank , which i did closed, and ...opps reminded me now that i have to follow up on that!... after work, gratz asked me to accompany her to check the venue at rydges hotel - the restaurant on the 9th floor with a videoke - hehehe.

we went there with kyut & kres, checked the menu and their package, and decided to have dinner there na lang. ordered the usual fav of the boys - crispy pata and papaitan, with mixed fried rice and adobong kangkong ... sadly .. no photos of the food .. sa gutom nagkalimutan na ! hehehehe

the area is open and would only be enclosed by a wooden divider should we choose this place. ok na sana ito kasi - malapit to all, kaso lang they are already booked for the date we wanted. :( sayang.... - so need to check other places ... :D

romz did mentioned some place in al diyafah - but nobody from our group has tried that yet - will check it out anyways...

ohh ... yes .... we are scouting for a place to hold the "Videoke - Post Bday Dinner/Get together RGG & Quad Friends" of gratz...

23 feb 2011

my friends gratz asked me to accompany her to check this restaurant in deira (they have videoke room :D) and sample the food they serve. i've been here before like 'sometime ago' hehehe and have sampled their food - they are nice ... 'tho i was not able to attend the bday bash of another friend that we helped arranged there..

neweiz - there we are: ako, si gratz & si eric, ordering ... with so many choices - hirap tuloy pumili, we wanted to order more kaso we cannot finish naman all the food .. so we just settled for some few items on the menu:

while eating we were also checking some of the items on the menu - noting what to order for 3rd march get-together-sort-of-reunion-cum-post-bday-celebration of gratz... hehehe.... some of the guys/gals already confirmed their attendance and hope all would be there... it would be great fun - with all the singing to abound - i heard they started "rehearsing" their song selections ahahaha..

hmmm.. i hope too that my pretty-little-friend-lumix would cooperate for the night and take good photos of the evening! well pretty sure kres would be having his cam with him - and romz too and rodel as well.... oh well then that would be good - i could just grab theirs while they would be singing...

would be definitely posting crazy pics !!! hehehehe


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