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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fun times with friends

03 February 2011, Thursday, we decided to go out after work and try the recently opened Fish & Co. outlet at Dubai Festival City. We've tried the one at the Al Ghurair Centre and food was really good. So off we went to DFC and was thinking of taking the outside seating but the weather change was unexpected and it was really cold that night - we settled instead inside (bit warmer). We had a good dinner together and fun ... fun it was !!!

As it was the DSF time, fireworks displays goes on every 8:30pm on week-ends ... and when the clock chimed at 8:30 we were asked if we wanted to watch the fireworks outside, which of course we watched and took some pics .. that was our intermission :D and then went back to our dinner.

It was a great night and we had great fun.. despite of what happened to us in the workfront - we still managed to laugh the blues away!!!!

It was also a good thing that - that time we were having fun taking photos of ourselves, the 'conservative ladies' were not there yet ... we were done by the time they came in - otherwise no shoots would have happened... hehehe .. they do not want any cameras clicking anywhere near them :D

We would be definitely be coming back for more of the fish & co. yummy dishes... and more fun.


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