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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"just go with it" .....

18 feb.2011 : afternoon, was heading to the mall with my friends gratz and mai ... was supposed to (only) buy the mp4 player that gratz and another friend ivy bought the day before. but mai saw that the movie 'just go with it' is now showing in the cinemas and asked if we wanted to watch the movie... well nothing much to do that afternoon - so why not ..

so off we went to the DCC (Deira City Centre) and first checked the movie timing - ohh.. we missed the 7:15 showing!.... 9:15 still available so we bought our tickets and made way to the restos first -what we first thought of - just coffee - turned to a hearty dinner at TGIF!!! ahahaha anyways - it was gratzie's birthday so .... and this is what we had ..

the food is too much for the three of us - we even had 'take outs' hehehehehe ... after the foodie, we went to Carrefour to buy what we were supposed to (and the reason why we were there in the first place!) ... this ... MP4 PLAYER - and yes... in pink :D

that goes with a freebie ... reasonably priced - i wanted to take all colors but then.. what will i do with it???

and i got this one too ... mp3 player in pink! now hmmmm - to whom shall i give this to!?!?!?! ahahaha ... impulsive buying again ..... :D

we first put the stuff in the car and headed to the cinema.. just in time - previews are just about to start... :D i love watching previews ... hehehehe

so finally - the movie went on .. and i tell you - it is a very nice movie .. awesome!!! i had fun and good laughs (which i really needed in this time!) ... the guy seated in front of me was having his good time too - he was laughing and laughing and i was really amused by the way he laughs .. well i think the guys in the cinema was laughing more loudly than as girls! ahahahaha

another nice movie for jen and adam .. i love the kids' actings too - Maggie with her 'british accents' and Michael with his dramatics.

we reached home almost midnight and had our coffee and cupcakes at my place!!! we had really great time !!! will be looking forward to another great night out with friends next week!!! :D

as the movie title says: Just go with it ... i guess i will likewise 'just have to go with it' ... with what is happening in my life now hehehehe ..... i simply have ... just go with it ... :D


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