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Desert Adventure

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a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend ...

Saturday, April 09, 2011

on vacation ....

my bff's daughter is in town for a month-long vacation.... i haven't seen her for quite some time too! and was i amazed to see how big she's grown! i remember her as a small girl .... with my daughter walking the aisle as a flower girl and my girl as a junior bridesmaid (coz she's tall for her age!) anyways ... her mom (my bff) is back to work already so i asked her if i could take her little girl for malling at DCC... the kid readily said yes so i told my friend that her kid is looking forward to our 'malling' time together - so she cannot say no ! ahahahaha

first - upon arriving at the mall (actually the metro train just pulled in ) i told her that we will grab something to eat first coz i am so hungry na .. she just smiled and said yes... we directly went to the foodcourt to check what she wants - and she simply said - i'll just have the burger king .. so BK it was ...

after that we went to look/shop for some clothes... and she's sooo tiny we had a hard time looking for her size. But we finally found one at Pull and Bear, and some shirts at Bershka and Jennyfer.

We had a scoop each of baskin ice cream while deciding what movie to watch after - but then - the line up is not that great - the movies showing didn't appeal to her nor to me hehehe... so around again we strolled and finally decided to head home .. she was kinda bit tired - still adjusting on the time difference ...

we took the metro train back home and it was a breeze traveling by train!

i called her mom and informed her that we are heading home and said she would be home in minutes too so i waited for her ... she checked the things her daughter bought .... hehehehe

it was a nice afternoon spent with natalee .... and i am glad she enjoyed it too! looking forward to another day/time out with her !


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