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Sunday, July 10, 2011

butterscotch ...

my friend Ivy came by last night bringing me some yummy butterscotch from iloilo!! her sister arrived the other night with these goodies. it was only a week or two ago that i first tasted these cuties from "rgies delicacies - iloilo's pride", also from Ivy and she did say that she will ask her sister to bring more of these - thank you Ives ...!!! yummy - yummy - yummy.....

i also love the butterscotch from cebu that i tasted sometime ago from my sister SIL - Cora... i can't remember the name of the brand but it came in a box, individually wrapped in colored cellophanes .... hmmm ... i think i need to call Kat and ask her to send me some of these goodies hehehehe ..

:D good i remember to take pic of the yummies before i finished it all up .. was so engrossed in its yumminess that i almost finished them all :D



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