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Sunday, July 10, 2011

.... down the memory lane .. :D

thanks to FB - i found another friend on line! it's been what ...after hmm.. 21 years!!!! omg!!! that so long time ago... he sent me private message then i wrote him back .. then asked for my number (of course bigay naman ako) :D he called and there - kwentuhan/reminiscence of the old times .... just proving that we are that old?!?!?! ahahaha .. it is nice to talk to friends long lost ... a lot of catching up, about family, work, etc...

ahahaha he just sent me a message saying he is just now viewing my photos hehehe ...
oh well ... this would mean a lot of kantiyawans again next time ahahahaha....

ok friend - enjoy viewing my photos and hope to see more photos of you and your family!!!



Blogger rsctt603 said...

that is always so fun, and interesting, too.


9:49 PM  

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