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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

after long years ..... together again ...

ang mga alaga ko .. after so many years, nagkasama-sama ulit even for a short time! nakakatuwang tingnan ang picture nila: si jomar, si marie, si amy - ang tatlong makukulit na mga alaga ko... growing up together sa bahay ni Lola Orang sa Basilio.

i remember i was still in college when jomar came to live with my auntie virgie & uncle jun .. wala pa sila kasing anak that time .. super kulit! then amy came to live with us - pamangkin ko sa pinsan - she was just 2 years old yata .. isa pa ring makulit .. then came marie ... the youngest of them three... ngayon pareho-pareho na silang de-pamilya: jomar got two kids a boy and a girl; si amy: two kids - both boys youngest is timothy - 6months old pa lang daw ,then si marie, a boy named migz naman ... isa pa ring super duper kulit na bata!!

also in this pic is riya youngest sister of marie and the boy is adam - eldest of amy. below pic naman kasama na si migz trying to carry timothy na tabaching-ching din!!

parang kahapon lang .. they were running around Lola's house :D ngayon their kids are the ones running around na! hayyzzzz .. time sure flies so fast!!!



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