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Desert Adventure

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a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend ...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

a friend found anew ...

after more than twenty years, we found each other again... and it is wonderful! to find somebody that you have been with during your younger years.. college in fact.. memories flooded my mind - with the good times that we spent during those times....college days.. yes those days when we feel so free - no worries except the assignments!

reminiscing the past with my friend gave me some kind of "peace within"... ahh... those were the days: spending the week-ends at their place in batangas, exchanging pleasantries with her families, jokes with her brothers and cousins, even her parents are lovely people to be with. i missed all those times.

we parted ways after college, but have kept contact for sometime.. i attended her wedding and some weddings of our college friends as well. but things changed and we drifted apart... but she was always in my memory... whenever i have a talk with my "new circle" of friends - i will always make mention of her and the good times i had with her. she is more than a friend to me.. she is my sister, a second family to me and her family became my second family...

anyways - it is good to be in contact again with her... she called my number in manila.. hoping that it is still the same, took chance and viola! still the same number... my uncle gave her my cell no. and she sent me a text message to which i readily replied. gave her my email add and she sent me a mail which of course i replied to and that is the start of it ... again... our friendship.

i was not well the last few days.. and this morning she sent me a text message ... i was touched by it... made a lot of meaning to me... here it is:

the best friendships are made in the heart:



unbreakable by distance,

unchangeable by time.

once a FRIEND

always a FRIEND.

amy, you will always be a friend, my friend. i missed you too!!! we'll see each other soon...

Saturday, July 12, 2008


i accused myself of a crime
i tried to deny
but guilt weakens me...
i am guilty ... that

i am in love...