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Desert Adventure

. . . stories of adventures (and mis-adventures) in the land of the deserts . . .

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

saturday call ?!?!

i was awaken by a call early saturday morning .. not expecting it (at that hour !?!?!) .. but then.. :D.. hehehe.. it really made me feel happy, good, elated, thrilled... ok, ok.. that's a bit exag. na ...

that was "the" call from my "friend" - long-lost (as in lost talaga ahahaha !!)... have been bugging another friend to look for him - o di ba - para naman daw maliit ang CA para maghanap itong isa! pero mabait so naghanap siguro ... informed me na natagpuan na niya nga etc.. etc.. at hiningi nga daw contact no. ko! so bigay naman ako .. days have passed - no call - so entonces - di na me nag expect pa. oh di ba? ganun lang naman ako ..... hehehe

so ayun - tumawag naman nga - kumustahan .. imagine, after what ...25-26 years? the usual tanong: familia - trabaho. tawag na lang daw siya ulit .. 20+mins. din - ganun lang .. tuwa lang ako - sabi naman sa inyo - mababaw lang ako eh!

that day naman din - i planned to make some muffins - haven't tried muffins so that was my first time. i always make cupcakes kasi. i used the basic muffin recipe i saw on "kusina ni manang". i have choco sprinkles only so i added some and sprinkled some on top of the batter and this was how it came. the second batch we added mocca flavor and a bit of cocoa, but i used the smaller cups - i don't know why it didn't "domed" ????

after baking .. and cooling... i had my friends taste it - sapilitan bah! they said it was good so i will be baking some more over the week-end! brought few to our office for breakfast - ok naman daw - kaso bitin! hehehe

recipe used here:


JAYWALKING ...in Dubai

"The strict approach to jaywalking is an effort to prevent pedestrian injuries and deaths which is a growing problem in the city. Traffic patrols will continue their campaign against jaywalking and will continue their presence in Dubai’s outer and inner roads at all times". - Brig Mohammed Saif al Zafeen, Director of the General Traffic Department.
(Rasha Abu Baker - The National, May 19, 2010)

Traffic police in Dubai have caught more than 20 jaywalkers this afternoon in Satwa/Al Mankhool Road and fines of AED.200.00 (approx.US$55/=)were handed out to jaywalkers.

I got a call from a friend, whom I was expecting to pass by our office to collect some documents - and he said he was caught by the police (in civilian clothes) - I asked him .. caught?.. where? why?? then he said: Jaywalking! I thought at first he was just joking and that he just doesn't want to come up... and he asked me to come down, meet him opposite the building - BUT to cross at the zebra lane!!

So then I went down and saw that there was some group of people behind the waiting shed - next to the white SUV.. I went near there, looking for my friend - called him on his cell and I was like - "all grins" when I saw him ... bad me! hehehe ... only then did I really believed him.. hehehe (peace man!! cool ka lang!!)

He was so pissed off, so were the others - still i saw some people crossing the road but were not caught! lucky them.. There was only one guy out on the street holding out his ID and one writing off the fine receipts. Identifications were asked: labor card, driving license, atbp. I was told told that if you do not have your labor card with you - direct you go inside the vehicle (hmm that's why I saw 2-3 already inside!). My friend's labor card was taken and was told that he can collect them at the RTA office in Barsha after paying the fine of AED.200/=. Hope he could get it back tomorrow agad.

Few minutes more he pointed out 2 people newly caught, sa may ilalim ng puno sa island and I was just so surprised! ahahaha .. si tatang at si tito! (amo ko at amo sa kabilang tanggapan!!) nahuli din .. hehehe .. napangiti na lang amo ko - wala pa naman itong labor card at under process pa, huh! Sabi ni amo .. "it was just so hot to walk more!" (sobra naman kasi na ang init kanina ano! ) 3:30 pm pa naman yun - ako nga pinagpawisan din ng husto eh.. :(

hayzz... talaga!!! tapos pala while waiting for his receipt - my friend handed me a box of goodies from the bakery nearby.. i felt guilty - kasi i was thinking he got caught crossing the street to get me these goodies.. otherwise he could have just got off the taxi and straight to our building.. :( ...can't seem to start "devouring" these beauties....

sent him a msg .. me feeling so.. but then he said .. hindi naman daw yun .. so.. now i can "attack" na these beauties/goodies!!! (teehee.. already attacked na!... yummy !!!) salamat friend! (kahit na me pahabol ka na pakonsensiya.. hmp!) hehehe...


Monday, May 24, 2010

back in time....

my younger cousin (yay) found some old photos of our lola from the cabinets in my grandmother's house in basilio and she was fascinated by the photos. she posted some on her FB and emailed me some ... hehehe.... see the two photos below:

photo on left: the house on the background still stands till today... although the plants are long gone. noticed the design on the windows and the ballisters beneath??? i still remember those - growing up in that house. repairs has been done through the years .. but still you can recognize those features - once you see that house :D

photo on right: hehehe - i think this was taken on my birthday in the year 196?? ! my cuz was saying - because i was (sooo) wearing a dress?!?! ahahahah.... that house (lola terang's) on the background also - is still standing in basilio - lumang-luma na (very old) of course, but still there.

my lola's house and that of lola terang's are the only two remaining old houses in that street... those houses, we were told withstood the war in the 1941-45. My mother used to tell my nieces/nephews that during those times, whenever there is a "dogfight" they would run to lola terang's house and hide in the basement made into a "bunker" of sort and watch the fight through a small opening on the wall.

the first photo was taken in 1937, according to uncle jun - (the boy sitting on my grandmother's lap), obviously - my mother was still very young! hehehe... only a few of those in that photo are still alive today ... and the photo on the right ... i can't seem to remember some of those faces!...

my classmates are also into posting class pictures when we were in our kindergarden/preparatory grades ... and it is very nice recalling all those years - you still remember the facesbut can't seem to get their names! :D ...

my cuz is telling me: "ate when you reached that age of yours - talagang puro "reminiscent of those years" ka na lang hehehehe" ... huh? it comes with the age?!?! hahahaha....

now i feel like digging into the old boxes/cabinets of my aunts and lola.. i think i will do that soon .. i wanted to make something that will be treasured by the families' younger generations... somebody has to - right? actually i have started on our family tree - still tracing some other families .. it's a shame because i know them by their palayaws/nicknames only and not by their full names ... there is still one family from the brood of eight from my lola's descendants that i need to fill out - i have made progress on the others. i even sent the partial list to some of my first cousins and they were very happy!! they also added and commented on the list to update it. some wants photos to go with the "tree" hehehe .. yan ang nose-bleed na baga,, :D still i will endeavour to finish this tree... have another project lined up - that of my lola's side - the MACALINO Family and that of my father's side - MAGLALANG Family.

others have asked "when are we going to have a reunion" ??? -- come to think of it - our family (lola orang's) never had a reunion of any sort! :( sad - madami na ang nalagas ... pero siguro if one will organize a reunion - everybody will cooperate and come... hmmm... we will see about that :D


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

name acronym....

he he he he..... was browsing through the web and came across this site .. played with it .. and viola! :D

wala lang .. hindi pa antukin eh ....