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Desert Adventure

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


march 03, 2011

finally the 'day' came ... thursday... mid-afternoon, i started to prepare the cupcakes i baked for the celebration and around 5:30 called gratz that i would be passing by their office and pick them up... but ohhh... thursday!!! and taxi is always difficult to catch on this day... luckily a kabayan came over and asked me where i was heading, so i told him the route and we bargained for a reasonable fare. but it took us quite a time to reached our destination which is china sea restaurant nga, near the Clock Tower in Deira, due to the "week-end traffic". anyways, we reached the venue, was guided to our designated room and placed our orders before the others would come. the guys fixed the videoke and started their 'birits' while we waited for the others to come and for the food also hehehe.

soon the food was being served and friends started coming.... yipeee.... singing and dancing, laughter, giggles... each teasing one another ... it was fun ... saya talaga promise! :D
well not all sang that night, like me hehehe .. i am the 'dakilang taga-tawa' lang ... wehehehehe...

a lot of pictures - but i guess this would suffice for now... everybody had a great time ... hope we can do it again ... with more of our friends joining us !!!