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Desert Adventure

. . . stories of adventures (and mis-adventures) in the land of the deserts . . .

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend ...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

d promised pic...

mon ami.... eto na po yung sinasabi kong picture....cute ano?!

shy siya eh! :)


one valentine's day...

Valentine's day... got up on a very good morning mood - said my prayers of thanks to my God for all the blessings He has given ... went to work..... greeted all with a happy hearts day greetings...

only to be pissed off by one of the brand manager !!!! asar.. ganda araw ko sinira - held my tongue so as not to say more to him but he provoked me - so rumatsada rin ako - but in a very polite but sarcastic manner (?!) ... meaning i managed to keep my voice low compared to his already high tone and reasoned out with him - aba - layasan daw ako! while in discussion with him - natatawa na lang boss ko... pero i did apologized to my boss - sabi naman niya - i don't have to apologize coz medyo abusado na rin kasi sila... and that he will speak to them later... hehehe ang laking mama pa naman nung brand manager na yun !!! sabi nga rin nung nasa creative - uupakan na daw niya sana if nagkamali pa ng salita eh! dami ko kakampi!

anyways... the day passed by with good things naman happening... had a good lunch date with my colleagues sa pizza company - had pizza n pasta hehehehe... sayang, we were not able to take photo of the "feast" we had for lunch...puro gutom na kasi eh! then the pizza guys gave us ladies only, red roses!!! yipee - i got a rose on valentine's day! (..ang babaw ano?) tapos later in the afternoon one of the architects - Julie went out and came back with a lovely Valentine cake... (para lang daw sa Quad - kami nga yun! hehehe)

siempre posing-posing na naman...

the Quad ladies... si ryla, me, gracie and julie...hehehe sabi nila "ang nanay kasama ang mga anak"...

the Quad guys... boss with charu, jignesh, kourosh and obet

yun lang... masaya namang natapos ang hapon na yon... then after office hours - punta na me sa gym - nag work-out na at kinakawayan na ako ng personal trainer ko! we were given vouchers kasi for PT - aba - kung pwede nga lang i-cash - i would have opted for cash eh.. laki rting halaga daw nun! hehehe...regalo ng bosing namin actually for christmas pa yun... ngayon pa lang namin ginagamit... baka bawiin eh! ok naman ang training.... 2nd day ko na with rod of Fitness First - AHC (Al Hana Centre) same building lang din ng opis namin so ilang hakbang lang talaga... walang takas... sarap feeling after the workout... even if my legs/arms muscles are beginning to feel a bit sore :)..... konti lang naman...


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hearts day


early valentine

my friend called me around 8:30pm, wala daw tao sa bahay namin... asan ka ba, asked niya.. dito pa me sa opis eh! bakit? ah, ok daan na lang kami diyan... "kami sino-sino kayo.. basta kami. "o sige - buzz me when you 're down the building" sabi ko.

so tumawag na sa ibaba na raw sila - sabi ko "o sige na papalabas na rin ako..wait lang ha" - ok daw. labas ako sa front door ng building.. tingin to the left - tingin to the right, asan kaya sila - tawagan ko sa cell.. sa right side daw - hirap daw parking.. o sige punta na me diyan...

kita ko parang dami tao sa car.. aba ang buong familia pala kasama! pagbukas ng pinto - kent handed me this bouquet of roses..

and kissed me sa cheek tapos si sheena din... sakay agad ako - flying kiss na lang sa mag-asawa kasi naka illegal parking kami eh!..

andar na.. so naiyak naman ako - they wanted to be the first daw.. how sweet naman... naalala nila ako... hinatid na rin ako bahay namin...the whole bunch of the gucilatar family... many many thanks for your thoughts!!! kahit bihi-bihira na tayong magkita-kita... lagi kayong nakakaalala and i love you guys for that!

salamat ulit... ronald, shelly, sheena and kent!!! happy hearts day to you too!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

“somewhere over the rainbow”

my friend “nemo” (ayan na extra na kita sa entry ko ha!) sent me via e-mail, few days ago, the song “somewhere over the rainbow” by israel kamakawiwo’ole – when i was chatting with him and was kinda feeling low (?!?!) .. and he kept on asking me if i already have listened to it - and i would say “no - not yet”. He would insist that i listen to it na .... as in now na daw!!! aber!

me being “so pretty” was thinking of the tune that i knew then, hehehe and .. I was in the office this morning when i turned on my pc and clicked on the music and played that song..... buti na lang i had my earphones on! aba.. i was wondering why i still cannot hear the beat in that music that would make it known to me.... hmm maybe this one is another song with the same title lang?... sige listen pa... hmmm then the guy started singing the lyrics...

know what happened???? I wanted to take off my office attire and shoes and don my little grass skirts instead, with the matching leis !!! aba... it’s in a different beat – bit touch of hawaiian thing to it... instead of me mag-emote eh – natawa tuloy ako...hehehe parang gusto kong maghula-hula there and then.

In the little nook of my mind – i was like making a “choreography” – sequence of steps... kulang na lang talagang tumayo ako at kumendeng-kendeng dun ... siempre pa, iba na rin ang moves, graduate na sa pearly shells and tiny bubbles.. hahahaha

I have that impish smile on my face that morning till my boss came - that was something like 11:47am. amused maybe with that “sylvester-type-of grin” on my face, – he asked me why i looked so happy today... of course i can’t tell him that i am in the “hula-hula mood” noh!... so i just smiled more widely and just said: “because they are starting to demolish the other unit!” ---- duhhh?? and he said “ohh...well that’s good enough but not convincing enough ... in my office” . . . hehehe.. i guess my boss knows me a lot better than i thought!

Now.. how can i attach this music file on this page so i can share it with you guys and you can dance the hula too!.. good belly and hip exercise too :)
i'll attach it na lang later pag dating ng flatmate ko - papaturo pa ako eh! :)


Monday, February 11, 2008

first day at work...

sunday ... took out my new mug from the bag... and after sometime – around 10:15am, i made my first cup – or should i say “mug” of tea... for the day and dyaraaaan... introducing my new tea mug on it’s first day at work!

can you please show me your coffee /tea cups/mugs?


Sunday, February 10, 2008

quite by mistake....

damned! i almost cut my wrist!!! torpedos!

i was almost done with my laundry.. just cleaning up the machine... i saw this soapy like thing sa spin dryer.. i reached in to clean it then.. araaaayyyyyy... something somewhat scratch me... what the #*#!! huhuhuhu.... it bled for a while - i really thought i cut my wrist na....
i cannot just run to the hospital if ever - they will require police report pa - otherwise i could be charge with "attempted suicide" !!!! what - me attempt suicide?? di daw ano!? i still love my life.. still enjoying every breath i take, every breath i make.....

super pretty me... pakialaman pati washing machine... my flatmate - a bit nervous after seeing it - told me to go to sleep na! hehehe... and my chat friend told me to put on antibiotic cream...

found the antibio cream - applied it and maybe i will wrap it with a hanky...

lesson learned: leave the cleaning to the washing machine technicians!!! :)


Saturday, February 09, 2008

the burj dubai at dusk

after the buying spree (of my cuz not me) from home r us, we went to have a quick lunch at the SFC - Southern Fried Chicken, just on the next block and off to Aweer to our friend's bike shop - no silly, not his - that is where he works - he manages that bike shop.

Anyways, we went there to have a small hand massage for cuz - she hurt her thumb during a volleyball game like 3 weeks ago... and our friend knows how to - he did study that thing.. so massage - massage...stories (kwento) and more massage.. after that - my cuz still in her spending mood.. went around browsing through some of the items.. first she got that sort of handle cover for her bike... ok fine - not expensive minus discount.. ok.

aba, she saw the biking shoes, checked the sizes and uhummm.. asked for her size, fitted them, asked me if they looked good - i readily said yes (guess i was afraid that very minute to say no - she might leave me behind and honestly i do not know how to get back to my place!). in fairness, it really looked good on her - so she had the steel something-like fixed on the shoes... that is after 50% discount - 125 only, good buy ( i forgot to take pic of that pair) ... and before she could buy something else i asked her if we can leave na, coz the DM Club will be closing by 6pm... and our friends are still waiting for us...

so we left... on the way to ghusais where the DM club is located (and where our friends are working) we can see the burj dubai... and it is a bit dusky now with the sky turning orangy.. nice scene.. and this is all i can show you - a pic taken from inside the car, in motion...i'm not good in taking photos... but then...

the burj dubai - towering the skyline of sheikh zayed ... taken from a road in aweer. as of 5th feb 2008, it has reached 159 floors; current height 604.9m. expected to be completed by late 2008. see http://www.burjdubai.com/

Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) is predicted to be the tallest man-made structure in the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burj_Dubai


ang "mugs" bow !

saturday morning, i went to my cuz's place to return something i borrowed from her. and then she said she wanted to go out - "we'll" go to this and that... ehh??? i cant' say no to her - coz it's been quite a while since we went out.. so i said ok... (thinking that it would take few hours only).

what few hours? - i got home past 7pm !! hehehe... really went to this and that .. hahaha.. first stop... home r us - she needed to exchange some items she bought - but then it is a "sale season" so not allowed - she was asked to come back after the DSF instead - so that would be sometime last week of Feb... still we went around the shop.. i said to myself " i will just browse" but can't resist the sale prices !!! hahaha... but i managed to control my urge to shop - lucky my credit card is not in my wallet..BUT STILL i bought few items... nothing much - i just fancied them... wanna see...

i saw these cute mugs.... i just fancied buying them... cuz asked me why i am buying two (thinking that i might give one to a colleague - but i told her that i'll use the one with "coffee" when i am drinking coffee; and the the one with "tea" when i am drinking tea :) -- hehehe she just rolled her eyes and kept quiet...

and these cushion covers.. they have so many designs but i am looking for something in particular - something.. but i can't pinpoint what... so i settled with these plain satin with plain colored embroderies... they are nice .. basta!

then i was going through the kitchen items and was eyeing a simple bread toaster - she saw me and asked me why i am buying a toaster. i told her mine was already worn out - still working though - but i think i ought to give it a "rest" na ... it has served its purpose - just imagine since 1992 till now - but still in tiptop condition! galing kong mag-alaga ano!???

then she said - no don't buy - i'll give you one.. ehh?? why, you have two? she said yes.. so before we went to our friends place, we went back to her apartment which is just a few blocks away from the showroom and picked up the toaster that she said she would give me.. and this is it...

kenwood brand - and it looks like it's still unused!?!?!? so i asked her " are you sure you want to give this away? - she said yes... me: did you ever use this? her: once ot twice i think... well then ... i grabbed a plastic bag and into it the toaster went.. hehehe.. baka magbago isip - bawiin...

yipee i saved some "filos" ... i'll add that savings to my budget for the kitchen aid... :)


Friday, February 08, 2008

ang "cd"

i was a bit busy yesterday doing my early morning routine at work. checking email, posts, faxes, notes, when a colleague asked for a blank cd.. without seriously looking at the container i took out one and was replacing the lid when i noticed something...

looking at this angle - clear pala siya! hehehe.. ignoramus you would say?!?!?!

hehehe.. wala lang natuwa lang naman ako...i found it amusing :) i've used up a lot of those cds in a container but it's only now that i noticed this. those white reflections are the papers scattered all over my desk.. i will try to take a pic of this again minus the scatters.. hmmm


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Subject: Nasali si Inday sa 1 vs 100 Part 8

I received this from a friend via email: funny... enjoy reading! :)

Umabot na sa puntong nasa halagang P10,000 na ang isang tanong. 4 na lang ang natitirang mob members at P414,000 ang laman ng prize pool.

Edu: Inday, 4 na lang ang mob members na naiiwan. Dalawang unbeatable, isang propesor ng Philosophy sa UP at may isa pang katulong ang natitira. (Napatingin si Edu sa floor director tilang di makapaniwala sa nabasa nya sa prompter).

Edu: Anyway, maaga pa lang ay naubos na ang iyong help pero parang hindi mo naman talaga kelangan ang mga yun. May 414,000 pesos ka nang naiipon. Ayaw mo pa bang kunin ang money? (gusto na atang tapusin ni Edu kasi lagi na lang syang napapadugo ni Inday).

Edu: Tandaan mo Inday, you have the option to walk out and take the money and leave the mob with nothing. So is it the money? or the mob? (pagod na si Edu sa kakasigaw ng money or the mob)

Inday: I’m enjoying this game so I’ll take the mob!!

Napa-hayyy na lang si Edu. Kinausap niya muna saglit ang director at naghanap sila ng mahirap na tanong.

Edu: Ok sige Inday, here’s your question worth P10,000. Para saang OS or Operating System ginawa ang Longhorn? Is it A, Linux? B, Mac or Macintosh?, or C, Windows? Mob members please key in your answer. Siguro Inday ay nakakita ka na ng computer diba? Meron sigurong PC yung amo mo sa bahay. Or baka nakagamit ka na nyan sa mga internet shop para mag-chat or mag-email.

Nakangisi lang si Inday habang pinapakinggan ang pag-explain ni Edu.

Edu: Yung OS or Operating System ay yung software na nagpapatakbo sa isang PC. Di ko alam kung nagegets mo mga pinagsasabi ko pero manghula ka na lang siguro since wala ka na ring help.

Inday: Ok. Let’s see if I can explain how I would arrive at my answer in a way that you could comprehend. I’m sure the answer is not letter B. Mac OS releases are usually codenamed after a wild cat such as Jaguar, Puma, Panther or the most recent major release of OS X, which is Leopard, which I incidentally have currently on my Macbook Pro.

Nagsisimula na namang dumugo ang ilong ni Doods.

Inday: I’m also sure that it’s not letter A which is Linux. The common Linux distribution right now are Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva and Ubuntu which is derived from Debian, a non-commercial distro. I even get to install Ubuntu in my master’s machine which is currently running a dual boot system side by side with Windows Vista.

Nagpakuha ng maraming tissue si Edu dahil umaagos na ang dugo sa ilong.

Inday: So that leaves me with letter C, Windows. Longhorn is the codename used for Windows Vista that was released early last year. My answer is letter C. (Sabay pindot ni Inday ang letter C).

Nagpakuha muna ng tubig si Edu bago tumuloy.

Edu: Ok, tignan na naten kung mauubos mo na ang mob members para matapos na ‘to. Ilan ba ang nagkamali? 1, 2, 3…! Nagulat si Edu nang may natira pa.

Edu: 3 ang nagkamali! Isa na lang ang natitira. Number 94, yung natitirang katulong. Grabe na ‘to ah. Napabagsak ng 2 katulong ang 99 na mob members.

Kinausap muna saglit ni Doods si number 94.

Edu: Number 94, ano po ang pangalan nila ma’am?

Number 94: Miriam po sir Edu, pero tawagin niyo na lang akong Manang gaya ng iba.

Nanlaki ang mga mata ni Inday nang napansin nyang si Manang pala ang natitirang mob member.

Inday: You!!! (Napatingin na lang kay Manang)

Manang: As Einstein once said, “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

BLAG!! Hinimatay si Edu sa kakulangan ng dugo. Di na alam kung paano ipagpapatuloy ang show kaya’t hinati na lang kanila Inday at Manang ang P444,000 na nalikom sa pool.


Monday, February 04, 2008

New Yorker - Grand Opening

January 24, 2008 - grand opening of the first New Yorker shop at the Dubai Festival City (DFC) in the UAE - the slogan..."New Yorker - dress for the moment". The opening was announced on the radio a week before the day - the radio 104.8 dj - DJ Moe ( i love this guy's voice ... kilig!) would say this line and i just loved the way he said it... there was this "it" in his voice... :)

anyways, New Yorker was the recently completed project of our division - so entonces, punta kami sa opening... all our big bosses were there, minus our boss - who sadly was in the KSA :( ... DJ Moe of course was there, and the execs of the New Yorker from Germany... interviews here and there - sila lang ha... posing here and there... pati kami nakiposing na rin....

and here are some of the photos taken during that night...

popcorn & cotton candy stands were set up, mini softdrinks were likewise served and lots of New Yorker goodies /accessories were given away.... prices of the merchandise were reasonable...obvious ba.. with our shopping bags???

opening soon ( this feb. Urban Behavior - from Canada... stay tuned...for more)


Sunday, February 03, 2008

thank you po!

i've been quiet for some time (again) but still some of you guys out there remembered to send me emails instead - salamat po!

and to those who offered their condolences during our time of grief - many, many thanks po ulit!

will "try" to update you guys with what happened the last few months... ok lang kahit na delayed na...

salamat po ulit - sa di pagkalimot...


'kakatuwa naman ...

i made a "new friend" (of sort) over the week-end.. via net... oh di ba?

friday - saturday is our weekend here.. when i got home yesterday morning - galing ako sa cuz ko - i was lazy to do any housework pa.. so switch-on ako ng pc... checked my mails, checked my other site, and my office mail too... wala lang, sign-in ako sa IM.. waiting for my cuz n sis in PI to sign-in too para maka-chat kami... aba.. me biglang nag ring! nagulat pa nga ako kasi i was seriously concentrated dun sa kabilang site! kakaiba ang ring, yun pala pc ko, then a msg box popped out - voice mail ek ek daw... eh wala naman akong mikropono ano?! nataranta na naman ang beauty ko - alam niyo naman super pretty ako sa mga ganito?!?!?!

look ako kung sino siya .. si N daw - so IM na lang ako na wala ako mic - "limited edition" ang pc ko eh - sabi ko pa... tawa lang siya tapos wala lang ayun - chat na kami and so totoo lang - di ako nunong masyado sa chatting :( ..kasi instead of chatting - i call na lang my sis.. dinig ko pa voices nila... :)

anyways, ayun - magkalapit lang pala kami sa pinas - manila - 2 blocks away... and may have seen each other sa kapilya na malapit sa amin... kaya medyo familiar siguro "beauty" ko sa kanya .. hahaha (kapal!!) pero we attended the same university pala - kaya natimbog niya ako sa net eh! nakiki-usyoso baga :)

ok siya kalog kausap... kwentuhan ng konti - pamilya, anak, trabaho - ganun... ah yes kahapon kasi after asking for my cell no.. tinawagan ako - gulat na naman ako, coz i picked up my cell without looking at the no. calling and just answered it. aba malay ko ba na tatawag nga?! knowing na mahal ang phone call from the usa, i didn't expect na tatawag siya... hehehe walang magawa... checking lang daw kung totoo yung number ko - salbahe! anyways - sinisi lang naman ako at nag low batt daw siya..ngee?!?!?! ako pa ang me sala! well atleast di ako sinisi sa laki ng babayaran niya!!! hahahaha

tapos this evening - aba tumawag ulit! "nagmamagandang gabi lang daw po" - hehehe.. bait ano...

wala lang.. yun lang...natutuwa lang kasi ako eh!


no ordinary love

i was doing my work on my pc when the DJ played the song.."no ordinary love" - one of my fav..

hmm.. i remembered somebody with this song . . . sana siya rin ... :)


Saturday, February 02, 2008

a tribute..

I should have posted these months ago, but for what reasons - I cannot seem to.. first, the blog page came in all arabic! and second, i get emotional just with the thought.. this is a tribute to a loved one who passed away...

to Auntie Cely... may she rest in peace...

difficult as it is to accept her sudden death.. i will have too - that she may be in peace.. i know she is at peace now... She would have turned 80 years old last Jan. 31st .. we were planning on celebrating it with the family - to be a reunion of sort, but then death tragically snatched her from us on the morning of 23rd october 2007.

God saw that she doesn't deserved the pain that she would be going through and He gave her rest...

Auntie Cely - second mother to me and my siblings, a loving, caring, forgiving and a selfless person. Me and my sister, we are where we are now because of her and for that we will forever be very grateful... words will not be enough to express our deepest appreciation of all the love and care she has given us; for all hardships she has gone through, and the sacrifices she has done for us.

MARAMING SALAMAT Auntie, sa pagmamahal mo, pag-aaruga at pagkalinga sa amin... sa mga sakripisyo mo para maitaguyod kami, lalo na sa aming pag-aaral.... maraming salamat....

Lagi ka sa aming mga puso, hindi ka namin malilimutan... - pipilitin ko ang puso kong mapatawad ang taong may sanhi nang maaga mong pagpanaw.

Magpahinga ka na, Auntie Cely.