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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

shabu-shabu night

"Shabu-Shabu" roughly translates to 'swish-swish,' referring to the sound made as the sliced meat passes through the water.

Monday afternoon - me mga pinaplano ang aming mga utak .. hi-hi-hi .... it's a matter of "now or never" - and the "now" won !! actually we planned it for Sunday (the day before sana) kaso - medyo nagbusy- bisihan kami sa office so we postponed it to some other day/night na lang.

However! .. :D something happened that monday afternoon, so even without gratz (her feeling is not well that day eh! hehehe) we went to this shabu-shabu thing in deira - a few minutes drive to the city centre. there was not much traffic but parking took a bit of time.We arrived at the restaurant - it was on a terrace of the building - I think of the food court area - overlooking the creek side - it was a lovely evening - a bit cool... the place is not that fancy - but hey - it's crowded ha... and after some time there were people on the waiting area na. Jules ordered agad - then it came ... asus!!! kadamo!!!! maubos kaya natin ito? (anim lang kami eh!) the platter ordered... omg!!!

so umpisahan na ang pagluluto! ahahaha .. amidst the biruan - ayun "luto-luto " na sila. demy did our share, simpre jules did hers & hubby's; chris & eric did their bits too!

ok naman "luto" nila hehehe.. although hindi namin naubos ni demz yung share namin... mahina kami! nyahahaha .. :o in short .. full naman kami :D ..

sila habang naghihintay .. asan na nga si ako????
ayun si ako .. hehehehe ...
ngeek!... now lang na post ... :D


Sunday, March 07, 2010

..tikoy pa rin :D

yeah i know, too late for welcoming the chinese new year... but what the heck! :D
i was craving (again) for tikoy...with the chinese new year coming that time, i remembered back in philippines - back in hi-school (many, many moons ago!), we (me and my barkada) would always have a box or 2 of tikoy to bring home - courtesy of susan's papa... (ohh they are chinese and her papa used to make all the tikoys himself - God bless his soul)...

my office colleagues and i were talking about the chinese new year sometime back and started telling our own stories of tikoy experienced - and explaining to the others the tikoy effect on us.. :D (ang babaw namin ano?!)

then after that (or i should say during that) discussion.. i began craving for tikoy .. i can't seem to find a store here that sells tikoy :( sad.. then i remembered a colleague is traveling back to dubai on the 3rd march .. hehehe ... si tito obet .. hehehehe

i called my cuz and told her tito obet is coming back on the 3rd march and if she can buy me a box of tikoy .. oo naman daw .. ayun nakabili naman (utusan ba daw si daddy niya bumili sa binondo!?) at naipadala naman kay tito obet.. thursday, march 4, tito obet reported to work and he was bringing all 5 boxes of tikoy to the office .. 'wawa naman .. namaga tuloy ang wrist niya - hehehehe

here - the box of the tikoy and its content - cute naman nung chinese girl painting!

friday march 5, it's our week-end here so i got time to whip up breakfast!! .. got up at around 8:30am... still don't feel like eating yet - (got used to having breakfast at 10am :D).. but prepared the tikoy already - my roommate is still sleeping so i watched tv first ... hehehe

at 10 am .. i started frying the tikoy na, but the oil got a bit hot, so the "slightly burnt" look.. but hey ... it's been years since i last cook tikoy! but .. still ...it tasted good :D

dipped in eggs, then fried

take 2: march 7, sunday .. got up a bit early (than usual) and prepared the tikoy for frying to bring to the office.. :D and see... also dipped in eggs then fried... but they are not burnt hehehe ...

sabi nga nila:
"huli man daw at magaling .. TIKOY pa rin !! "