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Desert Adventure

. . . stories of adventures (and mis-adventures) in the land of the deserts . . .

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend ...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pink Walkathon '09

The Pink Walkathon 2009 Take a few steps to fight breast cancer.
Location: BurJuman
Walk Starts: 8:00 a.m
Distance: 3.6 km

I did it!.. I walked the "walk"... though i am just by myself this morning - i still went and joined the event and it was fun!... the mood was festive.. merriments abound .... large crowd gathered to support the cause...different nationalities, different ages and i'm glad i came :D

and i did this in memory of my three aunts whom we lost to breast cancer:



Monday, October 26, 2009

parang kailan lang ...

the following photos are of my cousins dear... seems like only yesterday i was looking at them in the the nursery of the hospital.. ngayon super laki pa sa akin!

how time flies... both are graduates .. the eldest anna is now in Al Ain, UAE, working as a nurse in the gov't clinic....and the youngest, yay (as we have grown to call her) is working with a network back home... these fotos were both taken at the Dubai Festival Centre...on different dates :D

Anna... september 22, 2009 on her first visit to dubai. she arrived with her batch on aug. 18, but they were in abu dhabi for their briefings and stayed there for 2 weeks i think. after that they were taken to their accomodation in al ain. Eid holidays she came to dubai and it was our first meeting in the UAE .. :D

on the way out after the malling... nah.. she's not the shopping type .. hehehehe

yay... december 8, 2008

this was taken last year pa... when yay came for a visit.

here, we just arrived at the mall....kaya no "bitbits" pa.."D

i just noticed .. now lang .. both were during the eid holidays pala! hehehe...

ganun kabilis ang panahon??? hehehehehe ....


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

choc-nut .....

ang all time favorite ng mga pinoy na nasa abroad! ... hehehehe .. well.. sa amin dito totoo ito - lagi na lang me bilin na choc-nut - kung me mabalitaan na me uuwi.

pasalubong sa akin ng pinsan ko when she came to the U.A.E.... plus some other stuff...

kayo - ano paborito niyo ibilin from home???


Monday, October 19, 2009

the leaning bottle ...

my youngest sister gave me this bottle - nothing fancy, just that, as she said, i will have a nicely measured drink of iced-tea next time with this bottle. the measurements of the powder and the water is on it - so it would be that simple. OK.... so i've been using this bottle since, to make my nice iced-tea... that I even brought it with me when i return to Dubai!

brought it with me to the office to use as a water bottle only... and i used to mix up cold with hot water from the dispenser. but on that "fateful" morning :D - guessed my mind was really somewhere else ..... unknowingly i filled it up with the hot water first - then the cold water.... and went back to my desk ... not until Edam - my colleague asked me..."ate what happened to your bottle?" (with the matching british twang.. hehehehe)

only then did i notice that it was leaning to my right (if the bottle faces me) .... hmm.. hehehehehehehe... i even asked Edam what happened!?!?!?! super pretty me ...

so now here it is ... the leaning bottle of nestea .. . wala lang ..... :D
(walang magawa sa opis - me feeling sleepy zzzzzzzzzzzzz...ssshhhhh)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

bertdeyan ulit!

october 14, dubai...

bertdeyan na naman ... hehehe ... kaarawan ng isang kasama sa trabaho.. si eric... isang arkitekto ng group namin .. pangalawang pagseselebra ng kanyang kaarawan sa ibayong lugar. for sure he missed his family on this special day of his .. na-miss niya yung ipagluluto siya ng kanyang butihing ina ng paborito niyang food... pero nandito naman kaming mga "kapatid" niya sa dubai.. kaya sinabi namin sa kanya na ..."hala umorder ka na lang!" .. mabait at masunurin na bata itong si eric... sumunod naman sa nakakatanda sa kanya .. hehehe.. ako .. este .. kami pala yon ... at eto nga ang pinagsaluhan namin sa tanghali na yon ... kahapon lang pala.. :D

pizza from pizza company at manok from the walang kamatayang KFC

eto naman kami bago umatake sa hapag ..

isang hirit pa.. .... ayyyy ate....puro spicy !! ...

attack na!!!! nagkakahiyaan pa daw ...

basta me klik ... all smiles :D

si kami with our bossing...

si ako with the birthday boy... (sumingit si chris - ang ampon namin!! hehehehe ...)


"HAKBANG BUHAY" (Walk for Life)

October 09, 2009
Safa Park, Dubai , U.A.E.

Dubai Charity Walk for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy

The PBC (Phil. Business Council), in cooperation with other Filipino Organisations,
the Filipino community and the Phil. Consulate, organised a Charity Walk event.
We attended this event and was very surprised (and happy) coz the turn-out was indeed very large! It was mentioned in the notice that circulated, that the "walk" will begin at 8:00am, but it seemed that they started early :D .. 6:00 am.. so we in turn joined in instead with the Fitness First's coined " burn a calorie for ondoy victims" ....... photos as below ...

my colleague was just telling that she saw on TFC that they featured this event, last night daw ... and she was looking for me in those shots of the people taking part in the exercise .. hehehehe ... nahirapan siya coz there were a lot .. and everybody enjoyed that morning!!


Sunday, October 04, 2009

oats for breakfast :D

(Jungle Oats)

i don't take breakfast early in the morning, except for a glass of juice and cup of coffee. I usually eat something around 10am... my tummy would be wide awake by that time! before, we used to order from moulin d'or bakery: a manakish mix of cheese & chicken, or cheese & egg, or cheese & salami... or whatever we fancy eating that morning. sometimes we will order "egg parata" instead - no chilli for me please! :D

one day, a colleague gave us a packet of this oats and asked us to try it, which we did of course (libre eh!...hehehe). and by goolay - we got hooked on it!!! for some time now, i have been enjoying this morning breakfast of oats, which comes in different flavors. more healthy (as he says) and we agree....

now seems the whole office is into this breakfast oats.... try it next time .. you might like it too! :D