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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

inapi na naman kaming mga OFWs !!!

nabalitaan niyo na siguro itong article ni ms. malu fernandez of manila standard ba? nilait na naman kaming mga OFWs lalo na dito sa middle east! ano bang problema niya at ganoon na lang siya kababang magsulat tungkol sa mga kababayan niya? nakalimutan na ba niyang Pilipino din siya? or ikinahihiya niya maging Pinoy kapag nasa paligid siya ng ibang Pinoy lalo na sa ibang bansa?!?!?!

kanina ko lang nabalitaan ito through this email from a colleague: pasensiya na po di ako marunong mag link ulit! hehehehe.. paste ko na lang - email from Ms. Lalaine Chu-Benitez, Publisher & Editor, Illustrado Communications...
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

From: Illustrado INFO [mailto:info@illustrado.net] Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 10:01 AMTo: Christian Rueda; Arnie Ibong; Aleth Maglalang; Anna Dedicatoria; alma maraviilas; arlenerebayareyes@yahoo.com; Amelita Cando; Anna-lissa; araamargo_18@yahoo.com; Catherine C; MA. CRISELDA SANTOS; cloyd@artescm.com; Dennis Cabubas; Enielyn Obligacion; engr_jowell28@yahoo.com; Ernie Jr; elisa cajucom; elaigirl@yahoo.com; Glovie Berbano; Irvin Malaya; Illustrado INFO; Julie Caracas; krdios23@yahoo.com.ph; lolie; Luciano de Torres; Melanie Galang; Maylyn C; Monina Yalong; Maila.Reano@hyattintl.com; Maria Veronica Amable; mikkidxb@yahoo.com; My Baby; maryjoy_mirada@yahoo.com; marietcaluag@yahoo.com; maria@thegroomingcompany.ae; Maria Fule; maricel_agote@yahoo.com; verna Ignacio; Romeo P; Rodel Baudin; remedios; Sherrila Porza; tinacreyes@yahoo.com; beng dizonSubject: RE: Babala: delikado po ito para sa mga may sakit sa puso lalo na sa mga OFW's./ MAHADERANG MATAPOBRE SA MGA OFW!!!!


As a publication working to uplift the Pinoys out here, we cannot allow such an incident to pass without so much as a just comment.

We are still trying to locate the contacts for People Asia - but they don't seem to have an on-line presence. If anybody has their e-mail or tel. nos., do share it with us so we can do the needful.

Lalaine Chu - Benitez
Publisher & Editor

Dubai Media City, U.A.E.
Tel: +9714-365 4543, 365 4547
Fax: +9714-360 4771

Web: illustrado.net

-----Original Message-----From: Editor [mailto:editor@illustrado.net]Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 5:21 PMTo: mst@manilastandardtoday.com; glshowbiz@manilastandardtoday.com; adv@manilastandardtoday.com; circ@manilastandardtoday.com; kppi@manilastandardtoday.comSubject: Anti-OFW Article from your columnist - Malu Fernandez

To the Editors of Manila Standard and People Asia –

This is regarding the articles ‘From Boracay to Greece’ (People Asia, June 2007) and ‘Am I being a diva? Or do you lack common sense?’ (Manila Standard Online, 30th July 2007), written by your columnist Malu Fernandez.

We are among over 2M Filipinos who are based here in the Middle East, and to say that we were shocked to have read the above articles that you deemed fit for publishing, is a gross understatement.

We will save our comments about your columnist who is so obviously lacking in knowledge, understanding and finesse, but the real question here is how your publication (with your team of educated and qualified editors), known for its ‘fairness and objectivity’, allow such ignorant and putrid display of bigotry.

That you allowed your publications to be a dumping ground of ‘personal garbage ’ mocks true freedom of the press and has truly degraded, not only your paper, but also your entire staff.

Just in case you don’t know - there are over 2M Filipino expatriates in the Middle East region. Apart from facilitating the billions of dollars in remittances that help keep our country afloat, this community also represents a huge potential market for Philippine-based industries.

Furthermore, Filipinos have contributed greatly to the growth of the region – just a small example is the phenomenal infrastructural development in cosmopolitan Dubai – the New York of the Middle East, which was largely the work of great Filipino architects, engineers and planners. We have senior executives, managers and directors in different business fields, as well as educators and entrepreneurs. And our compatriots who work in blue-collared jobs (comprising only 17% the UAE Filipino segment) are some of the most well-educated and sought-after workers (as compared to other nationalities) in that category.

A lot of us here are trying very hard to uplift the plight of our kababayans who have sacrificed their lives to earn a decent living outside the homeland, but it is irresponsible articles like these which perpetuate the Filipino stereotype - that we are all uncouth, uneducated victims of our own circumstances – and yes that we cannot be united even if our lives depended on it.

While we squabble amongst ourselves in an ugly discussion started by such a negligent act, the rest of the world looks on shaking its head in consternation, at yet another ‘onli in da Pilipins’ episode. And because perception is reality, we OFWs out here have to contend with another kind of discrimination – thanks to our very own people.

It is tough enough to compete and earn respect within the international community, without such actions weighing us down even further.

These are very sad times, not only for OFWs but for Philippine journalism…

Lalaine Chu - Benitez
Publisher & Editor

Dubai Media City, U.A.E.
Tel: +9714-365 4543, 365 4547
Fax: +9714-360 4771
Web: illustrado.net

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naman, naman naman.... eto po yung isang link sa fwd sa akin ng opismate ko... follow the link na lang po para mabasa niyo rin reaction ng mga OFWs.

http://selvo. wordpress. com/2007/ 08/08/mahaderang -matapobre- sa-ofws/

Friday, August 10, 2007

our dsl is running....

yipee, finally it is working.... whew - after almost a month of ... patience ... hehehe - and almost a month of the "bill" that arrived yesterday :( imagine a month's bill to be paid even if you were not using it??? kasi nga not running p - some problem daw etc etc etc... but then - can't do anything... as one can usually hear in this part of the world" "what to do yani?"...

we managed to get it running at around 10:45pm.. thursday night and ahummm..it is already past 1:00pm and everybody is still up... 4 units - all running at the same time ! aba, aba, i can set up a sideline here at home na pala! internet cafe baga!!! hahaha... well sana naman i could be updated na with the bloggers beauties out there!

o siya - sige na nga - i have to finish my report pa - have to send them all out tomorrow (daw) latest - kasi me meeting ang mga kinauukulan.... lucky i did not forget to copy sa usb ko yung attachments...

catch up with you later ......

Finders, keepers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Finders, keepers is the doctrine that says when something is unowned or abandoned, whoever finds it can claim it (from an old Scottish saying "Finders keepers, losers weepers").

entonces, we can keep the doogie that we found!! yipee..... sana nga kaso lang, pets are not allowed in our building so, off the doogie t0 ras al khaimah (another emirate) - lucky yani...he can have the doogie to himself.... yani, by the way, is the eldest son of my friend... and loves dogs too... so i/we know - doogie will be better with him - a big house and a large garden... ok ok - we can be selfless for the sake of the doogie.

want to see him? i will try to attach his pics taken only this morning - his last day with us in dubai....

camera shy ....daw siya!

won't let go of the towelette!!

"tug of war" with my cell phone :)

his name? we don't know - coz nothing mentioned on the piece of paper we found tied to his collar. he has a collar but no tag.. so one of the girls started calling him "fudge" - coz he is brown-colored... another called him "husky" - why? don't know!..... and yani has something else in mind... hmmm - so i guess we have to wait and see if he will be better off with his new name and new place...